PSA nitrogen production principle

[Chinese Packaging Network News] Nitrogen accounts for 78.12% of air. It is a major component of air. It has a very large role. For example, gas protection, nitrogen is not afraid of fire, and nitrogen is not afraid of food damage. It is very useful in industry. Large, such as cans, electronics, chemicals and so on.

Nitrogen production from psa

Nitrogen inventing device was invented after studying the benefits of nitrogen

Nitrogen-generating equipment: The method of separating nitrogen and oxygen by selectively adsorbing oxygen and nitrogen by carbon molecular sieve using air as raw material, carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, and applying pressure swing adsorption principle is known as PSA nitrogen production.

This method of nitrogen production has the characteristics of convenient operation and maintenance, low operating cost, and strong adaptability of the device, so it is competitive in the nitrogen production equipment below 1000Nm3/h, and it is increasingly welcomed by users of small and medium-sized nitrogen gas. Nitrogen production has become the first choice for users of medium and small nitrogen gas.