Plastic masterbatch process is very simple in our country

[Chinese Packaging Network News] The level of packaging design determines the flow of products, plastic masterbatch process is simple, easy to use, easy to achieve automation of production, improve labor productivity, but also to avoid environmental pollution, is conducive to a clean and civilized production of workers.

A plastic masterbatch is a concentrate made by placing a plastic additive in a resin in an excessive amount; when manufacturing a plastic product, it is not necessary to add such a plastic additive, and only the corresponding masterbatch can be added. Therefore, it is one of the most important forms of plastic additives used in the world today. China is now a big plastic country in the world. The annual output of plastic products has exceeded 21 million tons. Ultrafine mineral fillers are used in more than 2.1 million tons per year in various plastic products.

Plastic masterbatch process is simple and widely used

China is a big country in agriculture. The annual use of plastic shed membranes is more than 1.4 million tons, the annual demand for plastic mulches is more than 600,000 tons, and the annual use of agricultural plastic products is more than 3 million tons (plastic pipes for water delivery, micro irrigation, and membranes Drip irrigation supporting pipes and fittings, lightweight and rigid plastic pipes, all kinds of geomembrane for water conservancy construction, geotextile woven fabrics and composite materials, geomembrane and non-woven composite materials, fishery aquatic products used in plastic products, etc.).

China's annual output of 3.6 million tons of plastic packaging materials, including: 1. Plastic woven bags; 2. Plastic strapping and tying ropes; 3. Plastic turnover box; 4. Plastic hollow containers; 5. Plastic film bags; 6. Plastic film; 7. Foam plastics; 8. Plastic mesh pockets; 9. Plastic hoses; 10. Plastic compound potting.

Annual output of daily plastic products in China is about 3.2 million tons, including: artificial leather and film, plastic shoes and plastic soles, plastic furniture, kitchen utensils and other, plastic products for refrigerators and freezers, plastic products for washing machines, plastics for small household appliances Products, disposable medical supplies, plastics for artificial organs, polymer materials for restoration, embedding, plastics for cultural use, and plastic products for recreation.

China's building plastic products, industrial support (automotive, communications, computers, home appliances, wire and cable, etc.) use plastics even more amazing. Plastic masterbatch, as one of the most important forms of plastic additives used in the world today, is the same as China's plastics processing industry and belongs to Chaoyang industry.