Talking about Several Key Factors Affecting the Running Speed ​​of Corrugated Cardboard

In recent years, the author has transferred to East China packaging companies, and learned that most companies have a low average running speed on corrugated paperboard lines. Most of them are hovering between 300m/min and the economic speed of equipment is far away. For this reason, enterprises are struggling with their brains, either with equipment manufacturers or self-improvement. The end result of a streamlined and unrecognized process has not yet achieved the desired results. What is the crux of the impact on the operating speed of corrugated board?
The author discusses what he knows and discusses with his peers.

First, the equipment is inherently inadequate The lack of understanding of its performance structure when purchasing equipment, or emphasis on the low-cost position to purchase equipment that is not mature and defective in design and manufacture, is mainly manifested as:
l. Low utilization of thermal energy of the corrugator or simply unable to meet the required temperature for production at 180°C (supply of heating defects, high heat loss, ie unreasonable design of the external suction vacuum adsorption device, taking away a certain amount of heat, and insufficient supply of heat).
2, corrugated roller: diameter less than 280mm. Although some equipment specifications indicate an economic speed of 600m/min, actual production cannot be achieved at all. Some merchants corrugated roller diameter below 320mm also indicate the economic speed up to 10080m/min, the essence of which is deceptive propaganda.
3, preheater cylinder bore diameter is less than 600mm, and no adjustment paper preheating angle device, can not fully preheat the paper.
4. The hot plate of the dryer is too short (less than 9m). The paperboard after the double-sided machine is glued is not fully dried, the adhesive glue is poorly gelatinized, and the speed is slightly faster, which results in a large amount of cardboard degumming.
5. The cooling part is short and the ballast roller is rare (the distance is more than 200mm), which is unfavorable to the distribution, stereotype, and full adhesion of the paperboard water vapor.

Second, the quality of the base paper does not meet the production requirements. One-sided pursuit of low-cost, eager to purchase cheaper, more moisture, no toughness, more than the quality of the dust base paper, these even the minimum national standards can not be applied to the production of base paper, Can you imagine what kind of consequences it will bring? How dare you talk about speed?

Third, the poor quality of glue and the inappropriate amount of glue failed to flexibly formulate the glue according to the water permeability of the paper, the ambient temperature and humidity, or use a glue solution that is degraded and thin and has a lot of foam, or it may worry about the poor adhesion of the paperboard and intentionally increase the coating. The amount of glue, but also ignored the speed of single-sided corrugated board full preheating and dryer temperature and Other factors, resulting in single-sided cardboard corrugated water too soft, in order to ensure that the paperboard adhesive and stiffness dryer had to Slow down.

Fourth, technical personnel are weak, lack of team awareness qualified technical personnel are seriously lacking, the operators of key processes are not skilled in the equipment's ability to control, and employees must be trained and failed to attract the attention of the company, even if the key processes The level of technical staff is not bad, but lack of good team awareness and mutual cooperation spirit will also affect the speed of cardboard boxes.
To solve the above problems, the key must be based on the company's own conditions and adjust to the conditions of the factory and adapt to others. If the company is unable to upgrade the equipment in the near future, it may consider the transformation of the equipment, but first of all to determine the equipment defects in order to prescribe the right medicine, avoid blindly. In the selection of corrugated material as far as possible out of the "have lost sesame seeds lost watermelon" misunderstanding. According to experts' opinions, the corrugated board line running speed is 60m/min or more, and the quality standard of the used paper is not lower than that of Class B. As for the quality of the glue, it is particularly important for the running speed of the paperboard line. The author once elaborated in the “China Packaging News” that “The quality of glue is the key to the quality of the carton”. It is no longer a rumor. It is only from the viscosity of the glue and the ratio of starch to water. Personal view: High speed running cardboard line (100m / min or more), 40-45S of adhesive viscosity (measured on a scale of 4), and the ratio of starch to water is preferably 1:6 to 1:7. In order to achieve the desired speed, we must also flexibly prepare the glue solution based on comprehensive analysis of paper environment temperature and humidity.
Finally, it is worth paying attention to the "people-oriented" concept advocated by many companies, the technical level of employees, and the team spirit of team spirit. These words often hang from the lips of business leaders and are really not simple to operate. How to cultivate talent and reserve talents? Retaining talents and maximizing the release of energy depends on the enterprise's employing mechanism and the charm of the company, as well as the room for good development for talents.

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