When the body needs to eat, jump to the fat trap

Skinny and thin, why is it not effective? Where is the error? Why are you always thin? When you have a meal, do you have a good idea of ​​whether it is really a physical need? It is very simple to be thin. As long as you can control your mouth, the following is a diet weight loss strategy for common diets, you can easily Skinny.

1, too lazy to eat nutritious breakfast

Get up too late, no time, so buy a sweet and savory bread in the bakery, get it in the office; or buy a high-calorie muffin at McDonald's... These are all NG! Instant oatmeal with low fat milk is a convenient choice. You can take a bite in the idleness of makeup and dress. Bring an apple or banana to the office and eat it when you are hungry. The body is fully nourished and will not scream.

2. The lunch break is too busy, so I have to skip the lunch and eat some fast food.

Some people are busy at dinner! Maybe a guest's phone delays the time you go out to eat, or it may be that the documents the boss wants in an afternoon have not been played well, so you have to sacrifice your lunch break to stay in the office and ask colleagues to give You buy a McDonald's or bread and come back for lunch. Then in the afternoon, you will think, I didn't eat at noon, then the biscuits handed by my colleague, the snacks in the drawer will be swept into your mouth.

High-fiber biscuits or milk are good emergency supplements, you can temporarily fill your stomach. When you have time for lunch/dinner, eat a balanced, light meal.

3. Afternoon energy shortage

At 3:30 or 4:00, you feel lazy, can't lift your strength, and feel that you need to add some energy. Some colleagues have to pick up the food they are delivering. You will sign in and collect a small bag of nuts or integrated fruit in a drawer or bag, and plan to eat a few mouthfuls a few hours after lunch to prevent hunger.

4. Dinner will be late, but you are hungry now.

Maybe someone is eating at night, but time has not arrived yet, you are hungry now. If you are hard to support, after eating a big meal in the evening, you may still buy a snack at the night market or the passing supermarket to go home.

Prepare a small snack of 100 to 200 cards, which can be a small packet of soda crackers (don't buy a box, then want to say that you only eat one pack... usually it will turn the other packs out that night), or Is a cup of fruit yog...etc. 7-11 is very convenient, it should not be difficult to find a snack inside. But don't buy when you are hungry, because you will definitely buy too much.

5, it should be sleeping time, but your mouth is still moving

It may be talking on the phone, watching TV, or surfing the Internet. Anyway, you will sleep late tonight. It’s already 12 o'clock. Your stomach is very hungry. You only want food. You may be like me, the jacket will run. I bought something at the nearby night market (yes, my home is only 10 minutes away from the night market). I don’t even have to think about it. I must get up to 0.8 kilograms the next morning.

High fiber apples or pears are the best choice. But the better is to go straight to bed. Everyone knows that lack of sleep can cause obesity... Still go to bed early.

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