Black fashion bloom wild color

The sharp eyebrows, the fascinating eyeliner, the deep eye shadow, the ink nails, all black. That's right, this summer's eye makeup is going to be black. It is not difficult to see that the black trend seems to be nothing, and there is no change. In fact, it is black with black, ink and thick, and there is endless change in the "no change".

Strong black eyebrows - a sense of neatness

Since last autumn and winter, both fashion and makeup have deliberately emphasized the feminine style of women. This season, the emphasis on women's strength has begun to return. Careful attention to the trend of makeup in this year is not difficult to see, eyebrows emphasize the use of the pen, draw a sense of layering, keywords focus on the thick, natural, three-dimensional sense. HR Helena beauty consultant Wang Wei suggested that the position of the eyebrows should be highlighted in the technique, and the eyebrows should be controlled by the brows, and then turned up to the eyebrows and then turned to the eyebrows, focusing on the eyebrows. However, the face type is different, the length of the eyebrows is different, and the thickness is different. The small eyebrows of the melon seeds are slightly lowered in the horizontal direction, and the eyebrows of the round face are appropriately extended toward the tail of the eye, and the eyebrows are slightly picked up.

Sharp eyeliner - the outline should be clear

This season highlights the black dignity. The black wildness is not only in the eyebrows, but also draws a ghostly eyeliner to make the eyes full of magic, which is the most prominent. Taiwan beauty teacher Xiao P pointed out that the entire face makeup, eyeliner can change the temperament most, "eyeliner can make small eyes become bigger, long eyes become round, for girls with regrets on the eye type, the eyeliner can freely trim the eye shape." However, he emphasized that the lines of the eyeliner should be clean, the outline should be clear, the color should be saturated, and the corners of the eyes should be stretched up, consistent with the direction of the last eyelash. In addition, do not leave a gap between the eyeliner and the eyelids. Otherwise, the entire makeup will be abandoned.

Deep eye shadow - ink can not be opened

“Emphasize, ink eye shadow is not smoky makeup, this is the most characteristic eye makeup, with black eyeshadow and structural eye shadow to match the strong ink effect. If the black is too thick, it can be matched with brown and bronze. , highlighting the effect of ink or silk, reaching the black wild, black sexy." Dio beauty consultant Nan Nan side demonstration. Apply black eye shadow to the middle of the upper eyelid during operation, with a semi-circular outline; lightly apply it at the end of the lower eye, not too wide. Be careful to be clean and tidy, don't mess up, and get dirty and confused.

Nice nails - the most romantic

For the latest trend of nail polish, think about it, think about personality, black is second to none. "Black nail polish is a kind of courage and fashion. Most people will reject black and feel too different. It is too punk. In fact, black is not wrong in addition to avant-garde. It does have a fashion sense that is hard to ignore, not fashionable. Fashion, the feeling of really taste," said Di Nan beauty consultant Nan Nan. Black nail polish is also favored by many entertainment stars, such as Victoria, Cecilia Cheung, and Fan Bingbing. In addition to black, you can add some geometric patterns or French white edges to make your nails more vivid.

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