Rice paper screen printing process

【Chinese Packaging Network News】 Xuan paper screen printing is mainly used in the printing of works of art in our daily life, because many of the artworks in life are not for sale, so when art admirers favor a certain artwork, they often go Buying high-fidelity artwork produced through rice paper screen printing is used for collection. The printing method is so realistic. How is it printed? Let's look at the following along with the introduction of Xiao Bian.

Its silk screen printing process is mainly divided into the following steps:

1. “Drawing Felt” is laid on the silk screen platen. Due to the performance of water absorption, permeation, and the ease of ink leakage during screen printing, the paper is stained on the platen, directly destroying the effect of the literal surface. Therefore, under the padding of paper under the rice paper, because the fluff on the surface of the sheep felt uphold rice paper, so that there is a layer of air cushion under the paper, the moisture in the ink will not be exposed, will not adhere, will not affect the print quality.

2. The squeegee should have a large screen 2~3cm. In order to leak more ink, the tip of the squeegee has a U-round or small rounded corners.

3, before printing, it is best to spray a thin layer of clear water on the rice paper, prompting ink to quickly penetrate the rice paper.

4. When squeegeing by hand, the direction of squeegee printing is opposite to the direction of re-inking. When squeegee is printed, the angle of strip and screen is between 30° and 75°. Scratching from the distance to the bosom, pushing from the bosom to the distance when returning ink, the arbitrariness of the angle is large, mostly 45°.

5, screen printing calligraphy paper products only 15 ~ 30min dry, and then sent to the painting and calligraphy decoration shop for decoration.

During the holiday season, people are accustomed to arranging a new room, and then carefully choose to hang some calligraphy and painting. This can not only embellish the space, balance the layout, harmonize the hue, and beautify the room, but also can cultivate sentiment and give people a beautiful enjoyment.

Should pay attention to matters:

First, printing material preparation

Dissolving 1 part of CMC (methyl cellulose) by adding 10 parts of water, and adding Binaer (fixing agent) and ink or Chinese painting pigment, is most suitable for printing works such as calligraphy and traditional Chinese painting. The effect of screen printing and calligraphy can smell ink. fragrance.

Second, the choice of paper products

The traditional calligraphy paper is rice paper, and the quality of the paper should be pure, white, dense, and smooth. Sheng Xuan Paper's performance is easy to absorb water, easy to infiltrate, can give elastic brush running action with sensitive records, and provide a broad venue for the emotional expression of ink, therefore, screen printing calligraphy should use "shengxuan" paper.

The above is a detailed description of the Xuan Paper screen printing process. If you want to know more detailed information about screen printing, please continue to pay attention to China Packaging Network!