Suzhou winding machine start no action how to solve?

[Chinese Packaging Network News] Suzhou winding machine, also known as winding packaging machine, winding machine. Extensive use of foreign trade, food and beverage, plastic chemicals, glass ceramics, electromechanical castings and other products of the assembly cost, improve production efficiency, but also to prevent the damage of the goods in the handling process, and play a role in dust, moisture and cleaning. Winding machines can be divided into tray winding machines, trayless winding machines, and horizontal winding machines.

How to solve when there is no action at startup?

Possible problems/possible causes/solutions

1. The main power is not connected Check the external power supply, re-transmit power;

2. The control power supply is not turned on. Open the power supply with the key switch or close the switch in the power distribution cabinet.

3. Press the pause button and press it again to make it pop up.

4. Emergency stop button Press and release emergency stop button;

5. PLC damage replacement;

6. Reconnect power cords and other devices to independent power supplies.