Material and wood packaging form in the role of green

【Chinese Packaging Network News】 In the past decade or so, Canada, the United States, South Korea, Japan and Germany have all used honeycomb paper as packaging materials. In Canada and the United States, where forest resources are abundant, the annual output of honeycomb sheet is about 20 billion square meters. Japan is also a big packaging country in Asia and a country with a lack of resources. The packaging materials are completely imported. Therefore, we attach great importance to saving wood and focus on improving the efficiency of the use of wood. There is basically no simple use of log packaging, and honeycomb packaging is also a relatively common one. On behalf of the wood packaging.

Material wood packaging

In China, Meixun Machinery, a leading player in the cellular machinery industry, began with the first fully automatic cellular production line in the country. Today, it has gradually realized the importance of replacing the raw material by honeycomb sheet. Selling mechanical and electrical products in the domestic market has also begun to use honeycomb cardboard boxes as raw wood packaging materials.

Through the practice in recent years, it has been fully proved that the product honeycomb is practical and the effect is also remarkable. However, in order to better improve the level of honeycomb packaging applications, there are still some practical problems that need to be solved. However, under the influence of the "low-carbon storm" sweeping the globe, the preconditions for companies to innovate on commodity packaging are based on the concept of green environmental protection. However, the introduction of the “Restriction of Overpacking Requirements for Commodities” has limited the use of honeycomb packaging. It requires that the packaging should select appropriate materials, determine a reasonable volume and number of layers, and adopt appropriate structures to reduce the amount of packaging materials and reduce packaging costs.

Therefore, companies in the product packaging reasonable selection, reasonable design, so as to avoid over-packaging, prompting the commodity honeycomb packaging to become "beautiful coat" In addition, the enterprise is generally concerned about the question: "How to design the system to meet both the bearing capacity requirements , and low-cost, easy-to-use honeycomb paperboard packaging solutions." Among them, research on green manufacturing, structural optimization of product packaging wood materials, combination of packaging products, modularization, modular profile design, optimization, etc. have all been listed as key technologies to be resolved.

At present, the “Research and Development of Product Packaging Materials Modular Module Design” developed by the China Packaging Association is an important research project for the development of wood materials and wood. The project development will promote the promotion and application of honeycomb packaging and comply with the national policy guidance. It is an inevitable trend for the development of the industry. . In order to achieve greater breakthroughs, product packaging in the rapid flow of consumption on the stage to bloom a lasting charm.