How to use fiber laser marking machine protection?

[Chinese Packaging Network News] fiber laser marking machine using laser fiber laser marking machine, beam quality is good, its output center is 1064nm, the whole life of about 100,000 hours, compared to other types of laser marker life expectancy Long, the electro-optic conversion efficiency is more than 28%, compared with other types of laser marking machine 2% -10% of the conversion efficiency has a great advantage, in terms of energy-saving environmental protection and other outstanding performance. How to use fiber laser marking machine protection?

1. The use of engraving machines and laser systems should be equipped with beam stops, beam expansion systems, safety covers, shutters, and interlocking devices as required.

2. When operating the non-enclosed or semi-enclosed laser system, the working area of ​​the laser should be clearly indicated, and only personnel directly involved in the operation of the laser engraving machine should be allowed. A warning sign should be added at all entrances passing through this area. The start-up signal of the charging cycle should be closely monitored, preparations should be made for early breakdown, and accidental laser emission must be prevented.

3. The laser engraving machine must not be used without permission. Only trained personnel can operate the laser engraving machine.

4. Without permission, visitors who do not take protective measures must not enter the management area.

5. Determine and limit the beam path of the laser. The laser output should not be emitted to the area with the operator. To take various effective ways, such as setting absorption targets. Deplete useless energy to avoid undue harm to the human body.

6. When adjusting the laser optics, make sure that the human eye is not exposed to the laser beam or its harmful reflected beam.

7. Avoid using the eye to look directly at the laser beam and wear appropriate laser goggles.