Left and right sofas with both functionality and comfort

In the concept of comfort, the sofa has long been confined not only to the ranks of sitting. Can you pick up your legs when you watch TV, can you read the book comfortably while lying down, or can you let it massage while you are tired? These thoughtful and ergonomic designs are all realized by the injection of technology and intelligence.

The left and right sofas have a product that combines functionality and comfort - left and right health

Left and right health is a collection of 29 years of furniture, integrating the essence of Chinese and Western aesthetics, gathering the core of intelligent health technology, using the philosophy of moderate balance, recuperating healthy wisdom, and creating a healthy sofa brand! The creative invention of the right and left health, the health science and aesthetic taste of life, contribute another innovative variety to the industry, creating a blank for the Chinese “health sofa”, which brings newer and better consumers. A healthier home choice.

Left and right sofas with both function and comfort

Left and right health makes you completely melt on the sofa

Going home after a hard day, a sofa that makes the trunk comfortable and relaxed is especially important. When you sit on top of it, every part of the body receives the support of the sofa, which feels like being held steady by both hands. The sofa is also maximizing its comfort function, and between the static and the moving, enjoy the full stretch of the body.

In order to beautify your home space and improve the quality of life, we have been committed to the research of new life of home intelligence, creating a variety of modern technology elements such as hammer, vibration soft pack massage, music audio-visual, Bluetooth, APP remote control, etc. The smart product is both excellent and meticulous design, and it is also the best control fun. It is a gospel of lazy people.

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Left and right sofas with both function and comfort

Left and right health is only to be the most intimate partner

Do you really think that you are a quiet kitten when watching TV? Wrong. Most people can move more than 200 times in an hour. The perfect interpretation of ergonomics of left and right health is also the embodiment of home art. Whether it is sitting or relying on, it only creates a perfect sitting feeling of 105-140°, providing you with the most relaxing resting viewing angle and excellent extension function. Allows you to enjoy your leisure time with a relaxed body and mind.

Using the cutting-edge technology original cushion cooling heating function, the three temperatures of heating are 51 ° C, 45 ° C, 38 ° C, and the cooling temperatures are: 20 ° C, 24 ° C, 26 ° C. The heat on the surface of the sofa is lost to the air, and the neutralization just reaches the most comfortable temperature of 16-24 °C. So whether it's in the cold winter or the hot summer heat, the health care center will provide you and your home with a caring place.

The right and left health can give the family the best enjoyment, a smart and healthy home, and the life is perfect.

(Author: Zhenglin Fang)

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