November offset press bidding market report released

According to the Bilingual Market Research Center "Official Printing Machine International Bidding Market Research Report", in October 2010, China's offset printing machine international bidding market project volume was 15, which was slightly higher than the October project volume. On a quarter-on-quarter basis, the project volume and the winning products all dropped by about 20%, and the amount of the winning bid increased slightly. Compared with the previous month, the amount increased by more than $7.5 million. It can be seen that the amount of offset printing machine market items and the number of products required are only slightly fluctuating, but the demand for multi-color numbers and products is increasing.

Regional analysis In November, the demand for Beijing offset presses was relatively strong, winning 3 projects and winning more products. Secondly, Guangdong, which won many bidding projects last month, has been relatively strong in recent months. In addition, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places also won two projects. Hubei has a small amount of projects this month, but the amount of winning the bid is large, nearly 6 million US dollars. The amount of the project is less in Shanxi and Zhejiang, and the amount is less than one million. In Guangdong in November, the demand for offset presses remained relatively strong.

The successful bidder analyzed Heidelberg China Ltd. in November to regain the market share of one-half of the international standard for Chinese offset presses. The market share of Zhaodi Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. continued to rise, and it stood alone in the second place with a share of 26.67% this month. The market share of Germany's König & Bauer AG further declined, only 6.67% this month, and the number and amount of winning products did not have an advantage. Gauss Printing Systems France has won not many projects, but the winning bid is second only to Heidelberg China Ltd.

The winning bidders analyzed the manufacturers, and Heidelberg and Komori were at the forefront in terms of the proportion of projects. The change was Koenig & Bauer, the project volume is the same as the Goss printing system, Manroland, each accounting for 6.67%. From the perspective of the amount of winning bids, Heidelberg, Goss printing system, Komori, and Koenig & Bauer are only a small share.

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