Teach you the skills of different skin types and remove makeup products

Everyone's skin is not the same. For example, some people are dry skills, while others are sensitive skin. How do you choose a makeup remover for different skin types? Let's take a look.

1. Oily, acne-like skin:

Use cleansing milk containing anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antiseptic ingredients to completely remove skin dirt, and then use shrinking water to regulate pores to avoid pore enlargement caused by sebum congestion.

   2. Water-deficient skin:

Choose a cleansing milk with high hydrophilicity and moisturizing factor without oil, so that the skin will not lose too much water due to cleaning.

3. Sensitive skin:

The product should be mild and slightly anti-inflammatory and bactericidal, but should never contain alcohol, spices or pigments. The cleaning time of this type of skin should not be too long, otherwise it will cause redness and sensitivity.

4. Dry aging skin:

A cleansing cream with high vitamin content and vegetable oils and fats is used to form a moisturizing protective film on the skin surface after cleansing.

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