Safe operating procedures applicable to all print production

1. This general safety operation procedure is used in all production facilities of the company.

2. Only personnel who have received training in machine operation and safe operation training and have passed the assessment can operate the machine.

3, non-native station staff can not operate the machine without permission.

4. The machine must be used when the machine is in good condition, all safety guards and protective instruments are normal, and the grounding protection is good, and all the functions of the machine are normal.

5. It is not allowed to idle any safety device and it must not hinder the normal operation of any safety device.

6. The operator of the machine should be clear about the safety protection device, emergency stop and slow stop of the machine.

7. Under normal circumstances of the shutdown operation, it is not allowed to use the emergency courtier to replace normal parking; it is not allowed to use the method of opening the safety guard to stop.

8. Never close the automatic refueling device.

9. When the emergency stop device (button or pull rope) is pressed, the machine stops immediately and all control devices will not work. These emergency stop devices should be regularly checked for their function.

10. Before starting the machine, make sure no one is inside the machine and no one touches the machine.

11. When the machine is running, it is forbidden to put hand, foot or any part of the body into or near the machine parts.

12. The operator must not leave the machine while the machine is running.

13. It is forbidden to climb the machine when the machine is running.

14. It is forbidden to pass tools through machines. It is forbidden to place tools and other items on the machine so as not to enter the machine and cause a malfunction.

15. Keep the work area and body around the machine clean and tidy. The interior of the ground, platforms, and machines need regular cleaning. The dangerous goods such as grease, engine oil, and other sticky slips should be promptly removed to prevent personnel from slipping.

16. Before entering the machine, the emergency stop button must be locked. If necessary, it must be powered off and locked.

17. Non-professionals are not allowed to open the electrical junction boxes, power cabinets, power distribution cabinets and control cabinets at will, and professional personnel should be required to provide guidance when necessary.

18, some machines may use some solvents for cleaning, regardless of the use of any solvent, should pay attention to the protection of the skin, the application of protective items such as gloves, and immediately after the remaining solvent is placed in the designated solvent storage Location to avoid accidents while the machine is working.

19. Any solvent should not be placed on the heating part of the machine or near the original appliance.

20. When the machine is found to be malfunctioning, it shall immediately stop and report to the on-duty maintenance personnel, and notify other personnel who may use the machine.

22. In the event of an accident, the leader of the relevant department should immediately report and protect the site, and at the same time, write a true written report.

23, timely completion of equipment maintenance, weekly maintenance requirements of the task.

24, wear uniforms, flat shoes at work, long hair who want to wear a hard hat. Relaxed items, hanging decorations, rags, tools, or long hair on the clothes are easily wound back into the running machine. To avoid causing serious injury to people, do not wear loose clothing, reveal the hem of the shirt, long ties and other loose clothing to operate.

25, clothing pockets are prohibited to put tools, coins, pens, cell phones, lighters and other items, the waist is not allowed to hang keys, BP machines and other items to prevent falling into the machine.

26. The secondary operation with gloves is easily wound into the machine, so no gloves are allowed to operate.

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