Enterprises should focus on the reliability of China's analytical instruments as the development direction

According to reports, in the past, China's research and development of scientific instrument project undertaking departments, the Chinese Academy of Sciences accounted for 39.4, universities accounted for 33.3%, ministries and commissions research institutes accounted for 21.2, factories accounted for only 6.1%. This is enough to show that the technical strength of scientific research institutions is stronger than factories. Therefore, it should be said: "Chinese element analysis instrument companies should participate in technological innovation. They should resolutely take the road of combining production, learning, research, and use; they should actively invest in technology on the premise of achieving the combination of production, learning, research, and use. Innovation ".

We believe that Chinese analytical instruments must focus on innovation, cutting-edge, and foundation, and the two are closely combined. However, at present, China's steel analytical instrument companies should focus on basic instruments. Innovation, cutting-edge technology should currently be in production, research, and research The four-in-one team is mainly based on scientific research institutions, and enterprises actively participate; and the development and industrialization of basic furnace analysis equipment, the conditions of enterprises are better than those of scientific research institutions, so enterprises should be the main, and scientific research institutions participate However, we must take the path of combining production, learning, research and application in order to grasp innovation, grasp the frontier and grasp the foundation.

What is the innovation of elemental analysis instruments? What breaks the traditional concept, foreign countries can't think of what we think of, and foreign countries can't do what we made, this is innovation. What is the frontier? The high-tech content is high, the capital investment is large, and the frontier abroad is just the beginning. Such as: gene chips, ultra-miniature biochemical instruments placed in the human body, chip laboratory, space conformation measuring instruments for biological macromolecule activity, and highly sophisticated instruments such as nuclear magnetic resonance and advanced mass spectrometry. In this respect, there is a big gap in our country, so we must pay attention, participate, and make technical reserves. We must continue to do what we can. And scientific research institutions must spend a lot of effort to catch up! But factories and enterprises cannot be the focus Can not be the main battlefield, the main force in this area should be scientific research schools, not factories and enterprises.

What is the basis of metal element analysis instruments? It refers to the existing, traditional, marketable, foreigners are robbing our market. These instruments are praised by scientists as typical, conventional and popular basic instruments. These chemical element analysis instruments are currently occupied by foreign products in about 70% of the market in our country, and our own market is about 30! Moreover, some large companies in developed countries want to occupy the Chinese market as much as possible. They are closely watching China's basic and conventional analytical instruments; and China has many unsatisfactory aspects in these most basic and basic analytical instruments with a large number of large areas. Most of these problems are manifested in reliability.

Therefore, our enterprises should pay close attention to the reliability of our analytical instruments! We believe that this is also one of the development directions of elemental analytical instruments in China.

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