Xiaobian teaches you how to choose beauty cosmetics

When MMs buy cosmetics, are they often confused? For example, how to look at the ingredients of beauty cosmetics? Is it better to have expensive cosmetic products? Today, Xiaobian will help you solve your confusion. How to choose beauty cosmetics !

Xiaobian teaches you how to choose beauty cosmetics

1. Read the cosmetic ingredients list

You must read the full ingredient list before purchasing the product (FDA-approved cosmetics must be marked with the full composition, and the order should be from the highest level). If the advertiser of a product declares the magic of VC, and you find that this ingredient is at the bottom of the ingredient list, it means that its content is very small, and it may not play any role at all.

2. Pay attention to common stimulating ingredients

Mint, menthol, neroli and camphor are all enemies of the skin, irritating the skin, causing inflammation, destroying collagen, impeding the ability of the skin to repair itself, and stimulating the sebaceous glands to secrete more oil. These harmful ingredients are very common in our skin care products, and even products designed for sensitive skin may appear.

3. Cosmetic packaging must be reasonable

Avoid buying products in jars. Once the jar is opened, the air enters in large quantities, and antioxidants and other important ingredients begin to fail. Jars are not hygienic. They should be rubbed with your fingers for each use, and bacteria are introduced to accelerate the degradation of beneficial ingredients. Opaque vacuum heads, nozzles and hose packages are the best choice.

4. Review product promotion

Regardless of how the product advertisements boast, no skin care product can make wrinkles disappear overnight, like botulinum toxins, or can instantly acne. Knowing the limitations of skin care products, you can withstand the most savvy salesman.

5. Focus on sun protection

Sunscreen products must have an SPF index of 15 or higher, and must be added with at least one of the following effective sunscreens: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone, celestial or methionine filter rings. These ingredients ensure full-band sun protection in an effective amount!

6. Consider multiple power products

Of course, the fewer products you buy, the better, provided that you have to fully meet the needs of your skin. Therefore, multi-functional products are good choices for skin and wallet, such as sunscreen with sunscreen or antioxidants.

7. Remember, expensive is not necessarily better

The price of the product has nothing to do with the quality of the recipe. A few hundred dollars of products are poor recipes, while skin care products under $20 have many excellent options. The formula determines everything, not the price tag or the “female” positioning that comes with it! >>> Lip cosmetics analysis teaches you how to choose

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