The importance of fixtures to vibration testing machines

Before the vibration test, the test piece should be firmly fixed on the surface of the vibration test machine. Usually, the clamp must be used. According to the requirements of relevant standards, vibration test in three directions of X, Y and Z must be carried out in the vibration test, so that the test piece needs to be fixed in multiple directions. Therefore, the fixture design is very important. The success of the whole vibration test, the credibility of the test results is closely related to the design, production and installation level of the test fixture. If the fixture selection is not suitable, the vibration environment of the specimen will be distorted, which may also affect the vibration control, making the situation worse in some places, and even making the test difficult. Therefore, factors such as the quality, size and structure of the test piece should be considered, and specific design requirements and acceptance criteria should be proposed for the vibration test machine fixture. In general, the random vibration test is more demanding and stricter than the sinusoidal vibration test. At present, China has not yet developed standards for fixture requirements.


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