Father's Day four lotions for Dad

Father's Day, four lotions for daddy

Father's Day is coming, many people are thinking about what kind of gifts to buy for their father! In fact, I want to make my father always a young skin care product is a good choice, today Xiaobian will bring you four fragrances for Father's Day!

SKINFOOD Brandy Men's Soothing Lotion ¥140

Rich in grape juice extract, it effectively relieves skin tension and fatigue. Excellent anti-oxidant effect can restore skin to rosy, delicate and lustrous.

Paris L'Oreal Men's Energy Revitalizing Lotion ¥100

The high-tech products are developed for tiredness, dull skin and sagging contours. They are rich in vitamin C derivatives and caffeine, which can enhance the skin's transparency.

Ke Yan's men's refreshing sunscreen SPF30+PA+++Â¥350 yuan

The stable filter factor MEXORYL SX & XL provides effective and stable sun protection. Effectively blocks UVA, UVB. A refreshing sunscreen lotion for exclusive men's formulations. Ultra-lightweight texture for rapid absorption of formula.

Snow Show Men's Intensive Firming Lotion ¥320

Creates a smooth and delicate skin of men's Korean herbal firming lotion, strengthens skin's water and oil balance, improves skin's defense ability, and protects skin from environmental factors.

Double Arm Manual Medical Pendant

ICU Arm bridge for the hospital ICU wards, intensive care unit of modern medical rescue necessary auxiliary equipment,mainly by the bridge dry and wet sections, characterized by the separation of wet and dry is reasonable structure ,allocation of landing and taking off the wet paragraph flexible and fluid infusion pump rack frame and infusion pump mount.

The moving parts adopts Damping Friction Brake system, while also matching your request in accordance with paging communications ,monitoring ,video telephony, background music ,as well as teaching and long-distance diagnosis system.

High strength aluminum alloy, anti-corrosion, easy to clean.

The bridge was subdued.

ICU pendant

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