Corrugated Board Adhesion Problems - General Glue Technology

(III) Analysis of problems and causes that may occur during the configuration process

The consumption of starch paste in the corrugated industry includes:

â—† The currently used process limitations;
â—† The corrugated board production line has a wide range of speeds;
â—† As a "shock absorber" in the heating process, the use of starch is excessive. Excessive starch may cause problems:
â—† The cardboard is too soft and the water is too much;
â—† Thermal stress limits the production speed;
â—† The layering of the glue in the cardboard paste;
â—† "washboard" phenomenon - increase the difficulty of printing;
â—† Over time, the board warps;
â—† The product image is wrong.
â—† Low maintenance work quality;
â—† The quality of the base paper is low;
â—† Inconsistent supply of steam;
â—† Insufficient operator training â—† Reduce profits.

(D) Method of reducing the amount of glue

Install a modern hungry airbag system above the hot plate to increase heat transfer while reducing crushing at the edge of the paperboard;
Repair the mechanical state of the glue supply device;
Install cardboard upturn detection device to improve the protection of glue system;
Do not use starch paste to correct board warpage;

Preparation of starch paste glue standardization;
Buy or use an optical principle thermometer;
Choose the base paper roll with the appropriate moisture content;
Check the gap and parallel state of the paste roller Use "LOCK-TITE" - to avoid looseness and machine damage;
The whole plant is clean - very important;
Purchase synchronous speed control system at single-sided machine;
The iodine test is often used to detect the state of the paste roller;
Ensure good communication between wet and dry operators: Radio or perfect signal system.

(v) Paste-making and operation using water-reinforced additives

With the development of global logistics, the requirements for the quality of the carton are higher. However, due to the restriction of raw materials such as starch and paper, the use of traditional paste-making methods has produced many problems for most of the existing factories. In particular, when the export packaging is transported by sea for long distances, etc., the carton becomes soft, degummed, and warped due to moisture absorption, which leads to returns, claims, etc. For this reason, the production of high-quality water-resistant reinforced cartons has become an effective way and an inevitable trend for various cartons to expand their business areas and increase their visibility. However, the traditional improper method of paste making and the poor quality of paste and paste can not meet the adhesive requirements of the cardboard: the unit can not play a high speed, high efficiency, high-quality performance.

Although various factories are trying their best to formulate recipes, processes, and raw materials for paste making, they will find it difficult to find a balance between cost, quality, efficiency, and operability. Even if imported advanced equipment and good paper, it is impossible to import raw materials. Although there are many reasons for the quality of the carton, the key factor is adhesion.

Additives are a variety of polymer resin composites, and they seep through the paper fibers at the instant of gelatinization to form a solidified phase network on the surface of the colloid in the drying tunnel. Enhance adhesion and increase paperboard yield. Basic requirements when testing:

1. Under the same pressure conditions can reduce the weight of paper 10% -20%; 2. Compared with conventional pastes, it can save 4%-8% starch content and 20%-40% of caustic soda and borax with the same adhesive strength;

3. Fast drying, increase the speed of the unit by 20%-60%, higher efficiency, cardboard smooth, strong, so that the printed product rate is higher;

4. In the early stage, it is better to completely avoid emptying and degumming in cardboard production, and the yield is 100%;

5. The additive makes the starch granules more suspensive, and the sterilizing components make the paste longer;

6. By reducing the amount of caustic soda and the water resistance of the additives, the carton absorbs less moisture and is more suitable for transportation in extreme environments such as long-term storage, refrigeration, and shipping. Electronic control system

The electronic control system can control the gap between the paste roller and the squeegee roller on the existing and new single-sided machines, adjust the other mechanical devices, monitor the thermal coupling of the steam valve, and complete the control of the load layout on the hot plate and the hot plate. The adjustment of the steam pressure on the part is suitable for the production trend of light basis heavy base paper and microvar. Use of electronic control to ensure reliable cardboard bonding, high contact strength with small contact area, better printing surface, elimination of overheated or underheated starch paste, elimination of corrugation cracks during crimping and enabling IS09002 The standardization of the production process. At the same time, the electronic control system guarantees the standardization of the operation process and the training of the operating team is simpler. More importantly, the quality of the paperboard is improved: the compressive strength of the paperboard; the perfect printing surface; the reduction of warpage of the paperboard and the better appearance of the carton, and the production speed: the production speed of the corrugated board production line is increased by 10%. The production speed is increased by 10% while reducing clogging.

(to be continued)

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