European and American countries prevail in microwave packaging

In Europe and the United States, households using microwave ovens have reached 90%. Developing microwave packaging is a new trend in food packaging in these countries. Swedish SprintEr produces a flat-plate microwave package. The package uses C--PET material, PET lining, multi-layer composite, and ribs pressed. The packaged food can be directly baked into the microwave oven when it is taken out of the refrigerator, and can withstand a high temperature of 230°C. Because the packaging made of composite materials made of aluminum foil and some plastics has the disadvantages of being opaque, difficult to recycle, and cannot be used for microwave processing, the plated SiOx material researched and developed in recent years can be used as a substitute. SiOx is a layer of silicon oxide coated on PET, PA, PP and other substrates. This kind of coating has high barrier property, high microwave transmittance, and transparency. It can be used for food soft packaging such as high-temperature cooking and microwave processing, etc. Made of beverage and edible oil packaging containers. The cost of SiOX coating is high, and the large-scale production technology is not yet perfect, but due to its special advantages, it will become an important packaging for this century.

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