PET beer bottles will reach an average annual increase of 15%

Marc Aury, material quality engineer at the Sidel Group in France, recently held the Brau Beviale forecast that PET packaging in the beer industry will continue to rise in the future.

Aury said that the Group's PET beer packaging has grown rapidly and will continue to increase the development of the beer market this year.

Last year, 500 million PET beer bottles produced by the Actel bottle wall coating technology of the Sidel Group amounted to 1 billion. However, glass bottles still occupy the mainstream market for beer packaging, accounting for 65% of the global market.

Sidel said that the biggest advantage of PET bottles over glass bottles is their light weight. The Group expects that before 2012, the global consumption of PET bottled beer will maintain an average annual increase of 11%; from 2012 to 2016, it is expected to maintain an average annual increase of 15%.

Aury also said that the group’s PET bottle sales in 2010 increased significantly compared to 2009.

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