PET bottles wear beautiful shrink sleeves

A Swedish brand of organic wine recently brought a beautiful shrink sleeve label to the PET bottle with the help of the label group CCL.

Galatea Spirits' Good ol' Sailor Organic Vodka chose recyclable PET bottles, especially the globally-indented sleeves on the bottle to present a unique and unique sailor tattoo pattern.

The empty bottles were transported to the Petainer in Lidköping, Sweden, and the sleeves were glued to the bottle walls via a wind-heat shrink tunnel.

“The impact and visual effects of the new shrink sleeve label made us very satisfied. It created a strong brand image for the product.” Galeda Spirits brand manager Peter Edin added, “The global shrink sleeve provided by CCL Decorative Sleeves The standard packaging is so unique and unique that it gives us confidence in the final results."

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