The prospects and development of BOPS material promotion and application should focus on the problem of coordination and solution

In the early 1990s, China developed and introduced hard BOPS material production lines one after another, and began to work hard but effective and efficient market application development. During this process, several major manufacturers endured huge losses for many years, overcoming unimaginable difficulties and independence. Support, from scratch, gradually achieved convergence with the international market and guidance of the domestic market, established the status of BOPS materials in rigid packaging materials, BOPS materials in the 21st century, a new starting point.
In the promotion and application of BOPS materials, it is very necessary to sum up the past, learn from foreign countries, in particular to change the concept, focus on coordination, adapt to development trends, and promote the healthy and steady development of China's rigid packaging materials.
I. Material and technology of BOPS sheet, economy of application and environmental viability 1. Material characteristics of BOPS sheet:
1 The amount of harmful residues is small and it complies with international health standards. There is no pollution to the contents during use. No pollution during secondary treatment, no environmental pollution.
2 The material itself has a light weight, and the finished product has low material consumption and low energy consumption. Compared with the widely used hard material PVC sheet, the raw material utilization rate is about a quarter higher.
3 The material has a high calorific value and has a high utilization value in the final treatment and can be directly used for heat energy conversion.
2. The technical support capability of the domestic BOPS sheet can fully comply with international standards. The product itself can positively accept the competition from foreign manufacturers in terms of technical performance. Whether it is finished, coating, coloring, adding modification and subsequent processing can adapt to the needs of domestic and foreign markets.
3. BOPS sheet has a strong alternative in application. In addition to the above characteristics, the BOPS sheet also has characteristics such as good rigidity, high transparency, and good secondary processing properties. At a wider level, it can replace a variety of traditional materials and meet the global environmental protection trend.
Second, draw lessons from foreign experience and advance the modernization process of pollution-free hard packaging. Developed countries have gone through detours and accumulated experience in their own development. We can learn from them seriously, and we must not blindly revisit the tortuous road. When “white pollution” becomes the world When dealing with sexual issues, we should learn from others' experiences. Developing countries should make use of the advantage of late-comings, and in some areas directly go through the process of exploration and keep up with the world trend.
Foreign BOPS material applications:
The use situation in the United States; the annual dosage is about 20-25 million tons, which is mainly used for food packaging, including various eggs, fruits, dairy products, and almost no visible PVC packaging in large and medium-sized supermarkets in the United States. Food products;
The use of Europe: In the food packaging area, PVC and BOPS are both going hand in hand;
Japan's use situation: The annual consumption is about 150,000 tons, which is mainly used for fast food, food and clean food packaging.
At present, under the slogan of eradicating “white pollution”, various claims of superior alternative materials have come on stage. What is the real situation? unknown! Then the facts are always better than eloquence; If blindly confined to the immediate interests, each saying, each doing its own, the resulting mixed results will cause tremendous damage to our country's environment and resources.
III. Application Status and Development Prospects of BOPS Sheets BOPS sheets have never recognized the understanding in the country, and they have experienced a difficult process from scratch, from the low starting point to the beginning. At present, the total domestic direct consumption BOPS sheet is about 15,000 tons, which is mainly used in the following aspects:
1. Garment accessories: The annual consumption of several major garment production bases in the country is about 2,000 tons.
2. Pharmaceutical trays and other oral liquid packaging: The annual consumption of domestic pharmaceutical and health products manufacturers is about 6000-8000 tons, all of which are colored sheets.
3. Food and other: The annual consumption is about 5,000 tons. In a nutshell, the application status of the domestic market is low, which is a low-end product for high-grade products. Second, the scope of application is narrow, and the use of main areas has not yet commenced. Domestic manufacturers have actively sought out foreign markets while exploring the domestic market, and have thus gained growth. With China's imminent accession to the WTO, domestic development will maintain rapid growth, and the level of social life will continue to increase. Because of the excellent characteristics of its materials, BOPS will surely make it one of the main forces in rigid packaging materials. According to the current development trend, it is estimated that within the three-year period, the domestic production capacity of 70,000 tons will meet the design requirements. By then, BOPS will complete the first round of investment goals, and thus enter a stable scale of production. From the coverage industry analysis, apart from the steady growth in the traditional market, food packaging (including intermediate foods and ready-to-eat foods) will have a significant increase. In addition to exporting domestic film materials directly to the foreign countries, China will substantially export finished products, and domestic production will increase. In order to promote the overall development of the domestic BOPS industry, the technology, funds, and equipment related to BOPS have been introduced to a large extent.
IV. Main contradictions in the BOPS sheet market and corresponding countermeasures The consensus view of people inside and outside the industry is that the main contradiction that restricts the development of BOPS sheet is the supply exceeds the demand, that is, the contradiction between the huge production capacity and the narrow market. In-depth analysis, we can easily see that the BOPS sheet packaging material market is so narrow, in fact, the BOPS sheet packaging to other toxic and harmful caused by "white pollution" of other hard packaging materials to replace weak, and foreign development It is precisely through "substitution" that the long-term advantages of BOPS sheet packaging materials are obtained, and "replacement" is the long-term strategy for the country and the people. This strategy is implemented through the "visible hand". Therefore, on the one hand, BOPS sheet manufacturers must make full use of the market's "invisible hand" to implement the expansion of BOPS sheet packaging materials. This is undoubtedly a challenge; on the other hand, the government and society must strengthen policies and regulations. Hand." This is the necessary and key point for the development of domestic BOPS sheet packaging materials. The lack of any one of them will affect the development of the BOPS sheet industry. The necessary measures have three aspects: First, change the concept, re-understand the excellent characteristics of BOPS sheet, and macroscopically choose the long-term, potential social effects and business benefits of BOPS sheet.
The second is to make clear as far as possible the promotion of BOPS sheet packaging materials to replace other toxic and hazardous packaging materials, mandatory policy measures, as soon as possible in the form of standardized BOPS sheet included in the environmental protection grade preferred products.
The third is to speed up technology development, reduce the cost of using BOPS sheet in daily life, and enhance the adaptability of BOPS sheet during use.