5 tips to help you choose the right barcode printer

Common printers in the domestic market currently have two different print heads due to brand differences. One is a flat-pressure print head. The entire print head is pressed on a carbon ribbon. This print head can adapt to various carbon ribbons. With a wide user base, this print head is the most common and widely used in barcode printers of various brands; the Other is a floating print head, which is a new type of print head mode, the print head is only pressed at the tip On the ribbon, although this print head has relatively high requirements on the ribbon, it has the function of saving the ribbon, so it is widely used by some large companies with strong technical force.

The performance parameters of the bar code printer machine, the basic performance of the bar code printer:

1. Print width. It indicates the maximum width that the machine can print, and also represents the level of the machine. Generally speaking, there are seven options for printing width from 3 inches to 8 inches. The printing width is the deciding factor for selecting the printer. The user should choose the one that suits him according to his needs printer.

2. Printing accuracy. The higher the accuracy of the printer, the clearer the printing. Now the highest printing accuracy is 600dpi, and 203dpi or 300dpi can meet the daily needs of the industry. The user has no need to pursue excessive printing accuracy and invest too much cost.

3. Printing speed. Fast speed is the biggest advantage of bar code printers for ordinary printers. Its speed can reach 12 inches per second. For the same kind of machine, the faster the speed, the lower the accuracy. Therefore, the user must adjust the machine himself to achieve the perfect combination of speed and accuracy.

4. Interface. Generally, parallel and serial ports are standard accessories for barcode printers, and users can also purchase peripherals such as flash memory cards.

5. Others. In order to make the printer meet the requirements of users, various manufacturers have designed many optional accessories: cutters, strippers, paper holders, etc., users can purchase according to their own requirements.

When choosing a bar code printer, you should pay attention to the following points before you can buy the product that suits you.

(1) Determine the model based on the amount of barcode printers. If your barcode printer volume does not exceed 4,000 a day, it is recommended that you purchase a common commercial (some commonly known as office) barcode printer. The paper capacity and ribbon capacity of commercial barcode printers are relatively high. Small, the whole product is small and exquisite, it is suitable for being placed in the office, does not occupy an area, and the effect of the barcode printer and the quality of the barcode printer can meet the demand. Like TSC243E and Zebra2844 barcode printers. If you need more than 4,000 labels a day, it is recommended that you buy an industrial barcode printer, because the industrial barcode printer is mainly made of steel structure, which can accommodate large paper rolls and large length carbon ribbons. In the service life and harsh environment, Both have excellent performance and are suitable for large factories. Such as TSC244ME barcode printer, SATOCL408e barcode printer, Zebra105SL barcode printer, etc.

(2) Select the model according to the quality requirements of the barcode printer. If the quality of the barcode printer is high in your application, such as jewelry, mobile phones, or requires a barcode printer on a smaller label, it is recommended that you use a 300DPI barcode printer (tsc342 commercial barcode) Printer, SATOCL412e industrial barcode printer), other general wheat head labels can use 200DPI. [next]

(3) Select the model according to software requirements. At present, most barcode printers on the market can only use one barcode printer language, and can only use their own barcode printer commands. They are not compatible with each other. If you can consider when purchasing Language compatibility can increase the use of barcode printers to a greater extent.

(4) Choose products that have a formal stronghold in China. Many products are only sold to agents in China. It is likely that the main business of the agent is not the product you want to buy, or the technology of the agent Insufficient support and so on, we suggest that you must look for a brand with an official base in China.

(5) Choose distributors who can provide comprehensive services. Some distributors claim that they can provide all barcode printer products. In fact, for consumers, the most important thing is not this, what consumers need is whether this dealer can provide a full range of technical support, after-sales service and related products. For example, the consumables used with bar code printers are an important reference. When choosing a bar code printer, you should ask the dealer to provide the appropriate consumables for this bar code printer, because there are some inappropriate consumables and bar code printers. It may not necessarily produce the perfect barcode printer effect.

Printers used in production lines or warehouses should choose models with metal shells, such as SATOCL series and Zebra xi III series; and desktop personal printer series at point of sale or office, because less space is required , And easy to move.

Bar code printers have good performance in terms of printing effect and speed, but there are still customers who have caused problems when printing due to neglecting certain steps. In fact, most problems can be avoided.

The most common problem with printers is deviations in the printing position. Users should pay attention to the first time when printing or printing labels of different sizes, the size of the required labels must be adjusted first, otherwise the printing position will be deviated. In fact, the label size adjustment is very simple. Each model of Zebra printer is equipped with an automatic adjustment function. The user only needs to press the calibration key on the control panel, and the printer will automatically detect the size of the label to ensure the printing position. Accurate.

Another common problem is that the label's backing paper is too thick to allow the printer's sensor to detect the size of the label. When encountering the above situation, users should choose labels with thinner backing paper. Of course, the label paper provided by Zebra is the most ideal, and it can greatly reduce printing damage caused by poor label quality.

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