Features of printing technology for CD offset printing

The characteristics of CD offset printing in CD printing mainly include the following points

1. Thin ink layer: The ink layer of offset printing is generally 2 ~ 3μm. Compared with screen printing, the ink layer of offset printing is thin and the three-dimensional impression is also poor. Correspondingly, the speed is faster, the ink consumption is less, the deformation of the disc is not easy to be caused by the shrinkage of the ink, the influence on the flatness of the disc is small, and it is particularly suitable for the printing of optical discs.

2. The reproduction effect of printed graphics is good: Offset printing belongs to the indirect transfer method, which is to transfer the graphics on the printing plate to the printing surface of the optical disc. Therefore, the deformation of the dots of the offset printing is small. Disc offset printing is different from traditional paper printing. It is all waterless offset printing. Its biggest feature is that it does not require water and ink balance, and the structure of the waterless printing plate is relatively dense. The number of offset lines can reach 175 ~ 200 lines / inch. The pattern is clear and strong in texture. For example, when printing some transition colors, the effect is better. It is suitable for printing graphics with the theme of characters and landscapes. Especially for some mesh-tone products that require multi-color overprinting, the effect is better.

3. Less drying times: The substrate printed on the disc is a plastic with high brittleness, and it is easy to warp the disc during printing. Especially in the process of photo-curing the ink, the disc is prone to such quality problems. In screen printing, each color should be dried separately, and offset printing only needs to be dried once after the four-color printing is completed, especially suitable for the printing of DVD discs, because the thickness of DVD discs is equivalent to two 0.6mm thick CDs The discs are bonded together, the thickness tolerance is small (CD is 200μm, DVD is 100μm), the flatness is also higher, and the number of drying times is less, which will inevitably reduce the possibility of warping of the disc.

4. The cost is high; the cost of offset printing equipment is relatively high. When the CD offset printing equipment was just put on the market, its price was about 5-6 times that of other machines. Even now, the price of an offset printing equipment can still be purchased by 2-3 screens Printing Equipment. Many people in the industry are very optimistic about the application of waterless offset printing in optical disc printing. Some people even say that this is the general trend. This printing method with huge potential is respected by many related suppliers and has been rapidly developed.

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