Bluetooth technology toys enter new life

Remote control toy car Sony Ericsson CAR-100
It is a toy car that Z608 can remotely control. Players can play with remote control cars like that to manipulate this model toy car CAR-100, but not using the remote control via Sony Ericsson Bluetooth phones, but Joystick joystick or keyboard on the phone. With Sony Ericsson's Bluetooth mobile phone, you can easily control the car's forward, backward, left turn, right turn and brakes. It can be played by single player or multiplayer, giving you an extraordinary racing experience.
The maximum effective communication distance of the tooth is 10 meters, so the Bluetooth car has a range of only 10 square meters. With it, the game is no longer the software in the phone memory! I believe that this Bluetooth car can make you sleep in the office every day to relive the time of childhood.


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