Korean candy packaging new technology

South Korea's candy packaging design is originality, always gives people a strong visual impact, in the design concept of seeking new, different. In recent years, their candy packaging is even more exciting, and its packaging has become more and more clear colors, modeling more and more beautiful, real dazzling, fresh look can not finish.

Have you seen the bubble gum you ate? The outer bubble of bubble gum looks almost no difference from the outer packaging of toothpaste. The plastic hose is used on the material. The size is almost the same as that of children's toothpaste. The color is bright and moving, and the cartoon image is used. "Specially marked with vivid colors, its unique design is in keeping with boys and girls aged 9-13 or over." Moreover, the "pinch-to-eat" design also avoids contaminating the bacteria in your hands when you send the sugar to the mouth.

A white-collar candy placed on a desk designed for adults, using a short, round, white HDPE bottle on the design, and a hinged dispensing cover for easy removal of the bottle cap. The use of color is calm and generous. Modern, with the cool black as the main tone of the bottle, highlights the candy's "going refreshing" effect, the overall design is very much in line with the aesthetics of adults.

Eating more sugar will cause tooth decay, and a new kind of candy wrap will cleverly combine candy and teeth to make the sugared box into the shape of a tooth. It uses a HDPE material to make a white box. It looks like a white tooth, and the colored logo affixed to the box injects a bit of lively elements into the design, making it the finishing touch. This packaging design encourages children's desire to purchase and also reminds children to love their teeth.

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