How to save costs in carton factory

One thing worth paying attention to is the printing on the carton. A uniform ink color saves money by eliminating the need for special spot colors and printing with other orders without shutting down. Red and black are two commonly used inks. You can benefit more by using the above arrangement.
During the processing of paper products, there may be occasional pick-ups. If the manufacturer agrees with the owner, use them as cushions or spaces, which is also a way to save a lot of money.
From the printing point of view, the cost of the plastic sheet used for printing is quite high. Such expenses can sometimes be applied elsewhere. To reduce costs, it is necessary to reduce conversion patterns or gimmicks.
Procurement should focus, avoid dispersion:
Your order quantity per order has a large impact on costs. You need to know that starting up and shutting down can be expensive; if you start a large batch of production at the same time, this will not only have the same product quality, but also be less expensive.
The carton factory cannot produce accurate carton boxes for the users each time, but there will be surplus. The user can leave the remaining cartons as spare and will not be wasted. That is, to allow the carton to have the appropriate flexibility in the delivery quantity; otherwise, the multi-carton will still fall on the customer's order cost.
Make full use of carton patterns and shapes:
Carton boxes can be designed in a variety of shapes depending on various needs. However, in general, the cost is lowest for cartons with the smallest area and the strongest material. The Standard Slotted Container (R.S.C.) has a length of twice the width and a height equal to the length (i.e., L=2W=H), and is a design that most effectively utilizes the corrugated paper area. Of course, the design of other cartons also has certain economic, practical and convenient values.
Carton design can be handed over to the carton factory. Using their professional knowledge, production experience and advanced computer equipment, we can design the carton style with the least area and the most compatible.
After reading and comparing the carton boxes in detail, you may even have a pleasant surprise.
It is worth mentioning that the product is placed in the carton. If you rearrange the products in the carton, you often have unexpected results, just like changing to a better carton.
No penny needed to win goodwill:
Every opportunity should be given to the public to show that you care about society and value the overall interests. For example, on the carton, it is printed on the recycling mark, the best multi-case stacking method to protect the product, the storage form, the effective date and other relevant information. Allows you to earn goodwill without penny.
Working hand in hand with the carton factory:
Saving costs depends on the joint efforts of procurement personnel, carton factories, and each operator in the distribution chain. Everyone must have the concept of cost savings. The goal of the carton industry is to assist you in accelerating the transportation and sale of goods after using their cartons, reducing losses and improving profits.

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