Plastic gravure ink common faults and troubleshooting

1. Water ripple causes:
a. The printing plate is too deep.
b. The viscosity of the ink is low or excess diluent is added.

a. Control plate depth during plate making.
b, control the ink viscosity.
c, using the wind or adjust the blade angle.

2. Biting causes:
a, ink slow dry.
b. The pressure of the second color is too high, printing is too fast and the viscosity is too high.

a. Add a quick-drying solvent to the first color to increase the amount of hot air.
b. Reduce the pressure in the second color.
c. Reduce the viscosity of the second color ink and slow down the printing speed.

3. Adhesion (commonly known as anti-adhesion)
the reason:
a. The solvent is slow-drying (especially toluene contains volatiles and smells).
b. During the printing process, the rewinding pressure is too large and the stacking pressure is too large after printing (especially in high-temperature weather).
c. The temperature of hot air that is dried during printing is too high. Generally it should not exceed 40°C-50°C (if special requirements, cold wind should be added before rewinding to lower the film temperature), plus moisture (relative humidity greater than 90%) Above) The ink cannot be completely dried.
d. The electronic processing is too large (the standard 38 Dyne has already met the printing requirements). The single-sided printing, but the film is double-sided electronic processing, or the local treatment is too strong.

a, replace the quick-drying and high purity solvent.
b. Adjust the winding tension so that the winding and pulling are synchronized. The stacking of the prints cannot be too high or the heavy objects are stacked on the surface.
c. The ambient temperature of printing sites and finished product warehouses should not be too high and there should be no heat sources and direct sunlight.
d. Single-sided printing is not used for double-sided electronic processing.

4. Reasons for starting from the top of the picture:
a. The pressure of the squeegee is small, the squeegee is too soft, and the printing plate is too thick on four sides to form a thick ink layer.
b, ink viscosity, impurities.
c. Static electricity is generated when the printing speed is too fast.

a. Increase the knife pressure and replace hard blades.
b. Reduce the viscosity of the ink and filter the ink.
c. Install a static eliminator.

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