Printing Printing Trends (below)

NOVAJET's printing technology is similar to that of HP, but NOVAJET has succeeded in the development of substitute ink because of its good printhead compatibility. Therefore, NOVAJET has always dominated indoor water-based production, and its main reason is its low cost.
MUTOH RJ-4000/6000 and MIMAKI JV2-880/860 series adopt the first generation of micro-piezoelectric technology. The nozzles are mainly used for neutral ink. The machine's ink supply system also uses lower-cost PVC materials because of water-based pigments or dyes. The inks are in a neutral state and will not be corrosive to the machine. EPSON 100-year-old oil-fat ink and sun-oil oil-based ink still maintain this feature, so the use of good stability. The so-called “solvent inks” currently on the market are not corrosive (mainly reacted with PVC) and cannot be applied to this nozzle technology. In fact, the insiders understand that the selection rule of ink is that the nozzle determines the ink and the ink determines the consumables. Can not do whatever you want, do not rely on equipment dealers bragging. The first generation of micro-piezoelectric technology due to the introduction of a long time, the machine vendors often find ways to find the "selling point" to the machine, increase the sales of the machine, but this program is feasible? Is it suitable for this model or printing technology? Perhaps dealers have only done one or two weeks of testing, they can't wait to be pushed to the market, and the big "solvent ink" can only be a trick for equipment dealers, so be careful when selecting equipment and consumables. Don't be fooled.
Micro Piezo technology uses water-based inks and neutral oily inks. Due to the use of special substrates, the precision can reach 1440 DPI. Recently, the micro-piezoelectric water-based inks have also been significantly reduced to 0.25 yuan/ml, so the cost is more than the cost of the thermal foaming machine. Lower, because there is no loss of the nozzle, and the hot foam machine needs to change the nozzle regularly, the cost per nozzle is about 2.5 yuan. In the early days, due to the high price of micro-piezoelectric ink, the indoor model was dominated by NOVAJET. When the micro-piezo ink was reduced to the same type as the thermal foaming machine, there was no head loss, so the micro-pressure motor type should be selected now. On-site production, on the one hand, the lowest cost, on the other hand, a wide choice of micro-piezo consumables. After micro-piezoelectric oil ink is used, high-precision outdoor screens can be produced. Due to the oily water-repellent performance, the coating process can be reduced, and the cost and scrap rate can be reduced. Therefore, it can also be widely used indoors. The early high-precision outdoor production used water-based PIGMENT ink, but was constrained by consumables and had to be coated, so it gradually withdrew from the market and was replaced by oil-based ink.
Piezoelectric nozzles are mainly used for solvent-based inks. They can be directly used to print ordinary light cloths, so it is the first choice for outdoor production. Therefore, large-scale inkjet printers use this type of technology. However, large-scale inkjet printers have huge investments and the recovery costs are slow. The recent introduction of the limit FY-6180 uses the British XRRA nozzle technology, it is also a professional outdoor model, and the machine principle is imitation of large machine production, including the use of automatic ink supply system, strong roll paper motor. Because the nozzle is a professional solvent sprayer, it will not cause wire breakage and plugging in the middle of printing. Instead, the state of the nozzle in the inkjet printing is getting better and better. Because the nozzle has a long life design, there is no need to replace the nozzle frequently, and the factors that cause the machine failure are reduced. . On the other hand, large inkjet printer nozzles are not included in the warranty, and the current limit FY-6180 nozzle warranty for three months, but also increase the user's confidence in the equipment. Therefore can be widely used in small and medium-sized outdoor advertising production, and the cost is much lower than other devices. Can be used as the preferred device for business development of various advertising companies.

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