The color of the package

The color on the packaging is the factor that affects the most active visual, so the color design of the packaging is very important.

Determine the total color tone

The overall sense of packaging color is gorgeous or simple, depending on the total color of the packaging color.

The total color tone is directly reflected on a basic color attribute of hue, lightness, and purity. Such as Ming tune, dark high, fresh tune, gray tune, cold tune, emphasis, weak tune, soft training, hard tune, readjustment and so on.

Area factor

In addition to hue, lightness, and purity, the size of the color area is an important factor that directly affects hue. Color matching first considers the arrangement of large-area colors, and large-area colors have long-distance visual effects in packaging displays. In addition, when the contrast between the two colors is too strong, the area of ​​one of the colors can be enlarged or reduced without changing the hue, purity, and brightness, and the adjustment can be performed.


The visibility is the clarity of the color hierarchy. Good visibility is very important in visual communication design such as packaging and advertising. On the one hand, viewing the degree of eye color itself, on the other hand, we must look at the contrast between colors. The principle and method are also introduced in detail in the advertising design. Reference can be made to its contents for the color design of packaging and decorating.

Accent color

The accent color is the key color in the total color tone, and is the color used in combination with the area factor and the visibility. It is generally required that the brightness and the degree of constitution are higher than the surrounding colors, and the area should be smaller than the surrounding colors, otherwise the emphasis cannot be achieved.

Interval color

Interval coloring refers to the use of another color, such as spacing or sharing, between adjacent and contrasting colors, which can enhance coordination and reduce contrast. The interval color itself is mainly neutral black, white, grey, gold, and silver. If a colored interval is used, it is required that the interval color and the separated color have large differences in hue, lightness, and purity.


Gradient is a gradual change of color, hue, lightness, purity can be used for gradual changes. Gradient color has a harmonious and rich color effect, and is used more in the color processing of packaging.

Contrasting colors

Contrast color is different from accent color, which is the color with similar area and hue contrast. This kind of color has a strong visual effect and is therefore advertising.

Symbol color

This is a conceptual color that does not directly imitate the color characteristics of the contents, and is used as a symbolic application according to the common understanding of the consumers. Mainly used for the performance of certain spiritual attributes of a product or the performance of a certain brand of ideas. Such as the packaging of Chinese cigarettes choose to symbolize the color of the Chinese nation - red.

Logo color

The color of the logo mentioned here is not the color of the trademark, but the color used to distinguish the packaging of different kinds or similar products of different varieties. For example, different colors are used to distinguish the packaging colors of different components of the same brand of household chemicals. In processing, the area, shape and position should be changed.

Auxiliary color

This is an opposite color to the accent color, and it is an auxiliary color method for the effect of the total color tone or the emphasis color adjustment to enhance the tone level and obtain a rich color effect. In the design process, we must be careful not to distract our guests and not blindly abuse them.

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