Use digital printing to embellish the label (on)

With the development of the times, companies are increasingly demanding the packaging and labeling of their products. Labels of high quality, high information content, novelty, anti-counterfeit, and environmental protection are being recognized and needed by Chinese companies.

On the one hand, while the product quality is improving, the label for carrying product information is required to be more beautiful. Because, in today's extremely rich commodities, consumers pay very little attention to each item. It is not easy to stand out in a wide range of products. It is only by attracting consumers' attention that they rely on packaging and labels as much as possible. Accepted and purchased.

On the other hand, the user's requirements for the function and form of the label are improved. For example, the label is required to be intelligent and anti-counterfeit, the size is no longer limited to a certain range, and some even reach 100mmx500mm; some of the label inner layer is not double-sided Glue, which is glued and glued together, reduces production costs; the demand for labels for service industries and logistics management increases, such as airline baggage, book labels, highway toll collection bills, etc., and it needs to have both anti-counterfeiting functions.

The lack of traditional label printing

(1) At present, most of the labels on the market (especially film labels) are screen-printed and flexographically-printed, which not only has complicated processing technology, has a long cycle, but also has poor timeliness.

(2) In the aspect of product design, the screening of design plans must be repeated proofing and modification, which is not only troublesome but also costly.

(3) Traditional printing methods to achieve variable data printing, digital encoding. Bar code and other anti-counterfeit logo printing, etc., need to be achieved by printing twice or even three times, which is more cumbersome than digital printing.

(4) It is not possible to process short-run prints with less than 2,000 copies, such as the labeling or packaging of some promotional items or test products, so that printing companies can not only lose profits but also lose money.

(5) The customer's requirement for the quality of printed matter is getting higher and higher, but the amount of print is getting smaller and smaller, which makes the market competitiveness of traditional label printing continue to decline.

Digital printing brings vitality

Digital label printing can easily realize color graphic printing and variable data printing to meet the ever-changing needs of the market, and more importantly, it can bring benefits to enterprises. Mainly in the following aspects.

1. Changed the passive and auxiliary status of traditional printing

Achieve the compatibility of the long and short editions, expand the business scope of the company, and provide customers with a low-cost solution for printing; personalized printing and variable data printing meet the needs of users for product segmentation; security printing provides more security The product.

2. reduce manufacturing cost

Taking HP Indigo as an example, to print one A3 format print, the cost of consumables such as paper and ink is about 0.90 yuan. If the graphic area is 30.8cmx43.7cm, the cost of four squares per square centimeter printed material is 0.000669. Yuan, monochrome is less than 0.000167 inches, and how much it needs to be printed, will not cause waste. Since all are digital production, the entire process requires only one person to operate, and maintenance costs are also lower.

3. Increase productivity

Nowadays, many digital printers can carry out label printing, print speed and breadth, and their variable data output capability meets the needs of highly automated, large-scale intensive production, ensuring the seamless integration of products; reducing plate making and printing. Cleaning multiple processes such as blankets saves time and material costs.

4. Improve label printing accuracy

The resolution can be 2400dpi. 230 lines/inch high-precision image printing; using special inks to improve the aesthetics of the product, but also improve the product's anti-counterfeiting performance. Give the label's personalized patterns and texts a rich connotation.

5. Realize spot color printing

Digital label printers can print up to seven colors, and are particularly suited for label printing where spot colors and special colors are required, such as corporate spot colors or spot colors.

6. Enable product tracking and counting

Digital label printing can make the content of each A4 label different, and even each small label content is not the same, such as the serial number, variable data part can use UV and watermark and other different processing methods. While improving the aesthetic appearance of the label, it also achieved tracking of the product. Identification, anti-counterfeiting, counting and many other functions.

7. Wide range of raw materials for labels

There are a wide variety of materials available for digital label printing, such as paper, ABS, PET, PC, PVC, PP, PE, EVOH, aluminized paper, gold and silver cardboard, self-adhesive materials, and composite films.

8. Product anti-counterfeiting powerful

Spot color printing, microtext printing, UV ink printing. Single-color or color personalized variable information printing, watermarking, barcode printing, stereoscopic image printing, and any combination of the above are all available through digital printing.

9. Adaptable to the production environment

The overall design process of digital label printing ensures that it can run freely in various industrial production environments.

HP Digital Label Printing Solutions

1. Scheme composition

HP's digital label printing solution is as follows:

Tag Content Database A Digital Printing Machine + Label Design Workstation A Label Die Cutting Machine An Automatic Labeling Machine

2. work process

(1) Design the label layout to ensure it is beautiful and practical.

(2) Make the variable data part of the tag establish a connection with the database, such as product serial number, distributor number, distribution area number, and any other content that the user wishes to change.

(3) Save all automatically generated personalized tags as HP digital press approved file formats and send them to digital presses.

(4) Digital printers print labels with high quality and high speed, and are automatically transferred to post-processing equipment for die cutting or other processing.

(5) The automatic labeling machine automatically affixes the label to the surface of the product or the packaging housing.

3. Technical Parameters

HPIndigoPressWS2000 Basic Roll Label Printer:

Image size: 308mmX437mm

Web diameter: 320mm-400mm

Substrate thickness: 10-300 Lim

Printing speed: 437 meters/hour

Printing accuracy: 175 lines/inch (up to 230 lines/inch)

4. Improve label printing accuracy

The resolution can be 2400dpi. 230 lines/inch high-precision image printing; using special inks to improve the aesthetics of the product, but also improve the product's anti-counterfeiting performance. Give the label's personalized patterns and texts a rich connotation.

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