DXDK series multi-row automatic filling and packaging machine

The DXDK series multi-row automatic filling and packaging machine produced by Changsha Chutian Technology Co., Ltd. can be used in medicine, food and other industries, and can automatically fill and pack particles, tablets, capsules, viscous liquids and other materials. With continuous sealing, the packaging material enters the winding mechanism through the unwinding roller and guide stick, enters the sealing area, and is finally formed through vertical sealing, horizontal sealing, filling and feeding, printing of batch numbers, cutting notches, slitting, and cross cutting. The finished product is sent by the conveyor belt. Features:

(1) Man-machine interface + PLC control mode is adopted to facilitate the function setting of each station and realize intelligent operation. The production speed of the equipment is variable and adjustable. When the mold is not changed, the length of the bag is infinitely adjustable within a certain range (65 150 mm).

(2) Temperature control is more accurate: Intelligent fuzzy instruments are used to automatically determine the temperature change trend and ensure accurate and reliable temperature control.

The Kitchen Strainer is great for use while cooking or baking, for sifting of flour, icing sugar or for straining rice, noodles, pasta, tea or for washing fruits, vegetables, pasta and even for decorating. The premium quality sturdy material of the sifter ensures that the sieve won't fade, break, warp, melt or bend during its use. It is heat resistant which allows you to strain hot soup, sauce or mixture and you can easily hold it without burning your hands.

Kitchen Strainer

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