The birth of the world's first hybrid digital screen printer

The M-Press Digital Screen Printing System, jointly developed by Agfa and Thieme, innovatively combines digital and screen printing in one printing line. Recently, the SMP Group printing company in London, UK officially installed.

Bradley Slade, SMP's president, praised the new printing system: "From the moment we saw M-Press, we wanted to be the first company to own and use M-Press." Now this new device is already The factory in southeast London was officially installed, and Bradley Slade was still welcoming. “In the 80 years of our history, we have always been innovative and welcome new technologies. The M-Press digital screen printer is exactly in line with our concept. It combines the advantages of digital printing and screen printing in one automatic Printing Online is a revolutionary and innovative concept."

Thieme and Agfa: Work Together to Improve Printing Process

M-Press Digital Screen Printing is a collaboration between Agfa and Thieme. Agfa has innovative inkjet technology, and Thieme Corporation is well positioned to develop and produce high-quality screen printing systems. experience. The newly developed inkjet system has 64 multi-grayscale heads capable of printing 2 billion drops per second to 8 microliters of ink droplets. The gray-scale technology of the inkjet head makes the density conversion smoother and the image details more vivid. Due to the integrated traditional silk screen unit, this digital printer can print white, spot, or glue at one time.

The M-Press Digital Screen Printer can print flexible or rigid materials up to 10 mm thick with a maximum paper size of 1,660 mm x 2,660 mm and a maximum printable size of 1,600 x 2,600 mm with a throughput of up to 100 sheets/hour. Therefore, the printing speed of the M-Press digital screen printer is unprecedented in digital printing and is designed for large-format, high-volume applications.

Bradley Slade, Managing Director of SMP Group, was very confident about the first M-Press digital screen printer installed. He believes this hybrid digital screen printing line will give the company a great competitive advantage.

The M-Press Digital Screen Printer was the first digital press to have an online screen printing unit. Four-color digital printing can be performed and white-printing, spot color, or gluing can be completed at one time.

Source: Coinprint

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