Eye makeup plus eye base cream is popular in summer

Eye oil and frequent blinking can lead to eye makeup and makeup loss. In order to avoid this embarrassing situation, in the process of making eye makeup, the eye base cream is stepone, and this makeup method can minimize the phenomenon of eye makeup removal. In this issue, I recommend you a few primers for eye use, and add points to your eye makeup. What are you hesitating?

ELF mineral eye primer

Editor's Choice: ELF Mineral Eye Base Cream

Reference price: 45 yuan / 4.5g

Product Description: This is a completely pure eye shadow makeup lotion, pure natural mineral ingredients, without any chemical preservatives and dyes, will not irritate the skin. Not only does it create a more durable eye makeup, but the addition of vitamins A, C and vitamin E also prevents skin aging.

CANMAKE eye base cream

Editor's Choice: CANMAKE Eye Base Cream

Reference price: 95 yuan / 12.8g

Product introduction: This cream base cream can be applied to the right amount properly, which makes it easier for you to push the skin evenly and enhance the color and transparency of the eye shadow. It is a perfect match for powdery eyeshadows, which increases the brightness and color of pearls. At the same time, it can solve the sudden problem of blurred or shimmering eyeshadow, which makes the eye makeup last longer.

Charm M.A.C makeup eye cream

Editor's Choice: Charm MAC makeup front eye cream

Reference price: 200 yuan / 5g

Product Description: It can soothe the skin, it is the best primer before the eye makeup, so that the skin of the eyes is smooth and delicate texture, the subsequent creamy or powdery eye shadow makeup is more smooth and more uniform. At the same time, caffeine powder and live yeast enzyme can quickly dilute the eye edema and dark circles, evenly smooth the eyelid skin, visually disperse, can blur the fine lines; lavender oil, firm and soothe the eye area.

LUNASOL Sun Moon Crystal Eye Cream

Editor's Choice: LUNASOL Sun and Moon Crystal Eyes Special Base Cream

Reference price: 220 yuan / 2.5g

Product introduction: Eyelid special foundation that maximizes eye makeup. The texture is light and smooth, with a high moisturizing effect. Contains a beauty liquid to moisturize the eye area that is easy to dry. In addition, it can adjust the dull skin color of the eyelids, maintain the wonderful hair color of the eyeshadow, and improve the fit and color persistence.

ANNASUI Anna Su Liang Eye Cream

Editor's Choice: ANNAUI Anna Su Liang Eye Cream

Reference price: 240 yuan / 6g

Product Description: It is moisturized and silky like a lotion. The water-like lotion is rich in skin-beautifying ingredients and can be fully absorbed by the skin. The water-soluble polymer forms a protective layer on the surface of the skin, which makes the subsequent eye makeup more suitable. The combination of high-efficiency whitening factor and multi-stage pearl powder particles perfectly covers the eyelids, adjusts the skin tone of the eyes, and gives the skin a natural glow. At the same time, the 3D effect is more stereoscopic.

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