How to buy a range hood

The range hood has become an indispensable kitchen equipment in the modern family. The range hood hasn't been in China's ordinary family kitchen for a long time. The exhausting work of the early family kitchen was completed by the exhaust fan. Although the exhaust fan can remove most of the fumes in the kitchen, it is unable to solve the pollution of the entire kitchen caused by the fumes generated in cooking. The cooking fumes contain many substances that are harmful to the human body. If people work in a room full of cooking fumes for a long time, many diseases will occur.

When purchasing a smoke machine, the first thing to determine is the color, which must be coordinated with the color of the kitchen. Generally speaking, the kitchen in light tone can only be equipped with white range hood, the kitchen in dark tone is suitable for white, gray or dark gray range hood, both of which can be stainless steel range hood.

Second, choose the appearance. The Chinese style is usually a deep hood-type range hood, because such a hood can effectively cover more hot air, and the effect of exhausting fume is good, but it is not fashionable and beautiful; the European style is beautiful, but because the hood is shallow, the effect of fume extraction is not Good, high-end products can be enhanced by various measures; the side suction is beautiful and effective, but because it occupies the space above the stove, the larger steamer cannot be used.

Third, pay attention to purchase a one-piece seamless structure, because if there is a joint in the middle frame, there will be oil fume drilling, it is not easy to do the cleaning and maintenance of the outside of the range hood, although some low-priced range hoods The price is cheap, but the workmanship is rough. The middle shelf is made up of more than two boards, with obvious seams.

There are four misunderstandings when buying range hoods. There are many brands of range hoods, and with the advancement of technology, some range hoods are under the banner of high-tech innovation, ignoring consumers, the entire range hood market is even more Mixed with dragons and dragons, even if you are familiar with some of the experience of buying range hoods on the Internet, it will also make you unable to start when faced with the salesmen in the store. You will often feel confused and puzzled, and it is easy to be "fooled" by defective products The misunderstanding of purchase, let me talk about the most common misunderstandings of the range hood. Look carefully, it will be useful when it is useful!

Myth 1: The greater the power, the better the effect

Promoters often use power to make articles, saying that the greater the power, the better the fume extraction effect, which is a big mistake. In fact, there is no inevitable connection between power and the effect of range hood. If a range hood is only high in power, and the turbine is rough, the motor is not manufactured well, and the quality of the inner cavity is also poor, it often only consumes electricity but does not achieve good Effect. The manufacture of turbines now uses the dual-core core of the boss range hood as the core technology in the mainstream market, because the strong suction power of the dual-core core and the high power play their respective roles to make the range hood effect the best.

Myth 2: The material of the panel does not matter

Regarding the material of the panel, the promoters may "deliberately forget" not to mention it, or directly speak the name of a certain alloy to fool consumers. In fact, it is very simple to check the material. The best material in China is generally imported steel, which looks fine and textured. This material is resistant to oxidation and corrosion and will become brighter and brighter. To distinguish the difference between this kind of material and the general alloy material, you only need to directly use a magnet to test it. The one that can be sucked is definitely a general poor alloy or iron. The one that cannot be sucked is the steel material. Now the fabric material is mainly used by the boss, Siemens, etc. on the market! You know, for every penny you pay, good things naturally require you to pay more!

Myth 3: The design of the inner cavity is not very important

The importance of the design of the inner cavity of the range hood cannot be ignored. On the one hand, it must be as seamless and easy to clean as possible, and at the same time, it must protect the lines so that various lines can work normally under such strong corrosion conditions as Be corroded. The seamless design in the inner cavity is not only seamless in the cavity, but also the small face parallel to the stove can be seamless, and at the same time, the invisible seamless joint should be made at the joint of the oil net and the inner cavity "For example, it is necessary to set up oil-proof walls, etc., so that the cleaning dead corners are not really left. You know, the boss on the market can achieve the effect of removing and washing without smoking, that is, the success of its internal cavity design accounts for half of the credit!

Misunderstanding No. 4: Unremovable washing and unrestricted functions

It is impossible to remove and wash the range hood absolutely. After a range hood is used for one year, it must be removed and washed. Otherwise, the adhesion of the turbine and the inner cavity fume will seriously affect the effect of the range hood. At present, the fish and dragon mixed range hood market is under the slogan of no disassembly and cleaning, and they all advertise that their range hoods can be unrestricted and free of disassembly and cleaning, but even if the only one that is truly free of disassembly and cleaning is the boss ’s range hood They are leading in technology dual-core design and scientific cavity design). And the boss's fume extraction is relatively superior to any one of the products in terms of demolition and washing! However, it should still be remembered that a range hood cannot be "free to remove and wash" without limit. As long as you use it reasonably, you can normally eliminate the cumbersome process of removing and washing.

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