The specific operation method used by the precision dew point meter

The core of the precision dew point meter is the humidity sensor, and it also needs a lot of precision sensors. The sampled data is very real and safe, but many people are not very clear how to use this instrument. This article introduces in detail the specific use of the precision dew point meter. Method of operation.

1 First turn on the power. The instrument must first self-calibrate. After the self-calibration, the instrument enters the measurement state. When the instrument is self-calibrated, connect the test pipeline of the instrument to the switch connector of the switch to be measured, and then switch. The connector and the connected switch are connected.

2 Turn off the flow regulating valve and connect the test pipe to the air inlet of the instrument. The pressure displayed on the display is the pressure of the gas in the switch being tested.

3 Start the measurement, open the flow regulating valve, adjust the flow rate to about 0.5 liter / min, the maximum should not exceed 0.8 liter / min, so enter the measurement state, the measurement time is about 8 minutes.

4 At the end of the measurement, if you want to print the data, just press the print button and enter the device number to be tested. After pressing the enter button, the instrument will start printing. Finally, close the flow regulating valve, remove the test tube from the instrument inlet, and finally remove the switch connector.

5 Finally turn off the power, prevent the test pipe and switch connector from being completed, and all measurements are over.


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