Wood painted wooden door process

Paint door process
1. The substrate is made of 18mm MDF, double-sided white melamine paper

2. Milling the door type selected by the customer

3. After the boring and milling, spray the seal paint on the bottom part

4. Polish and spray a white primer

5. Secondary grinding, smoothing and coloring

6. After eight times of topcoat spraying

7. Last spray of clear lacquer

8. Then polish the water curtain machine

9. After drying, put in a 60-80 degree roasting room and bake for 6-8 hours (fast drying can increase hardness)

10. Finally polished with imported polishing wax

Tips: 1. What should I pay attention to when choosing a paint door leaf?

The paint door has a single-sided paint and double-sided paint. The processing technology has a great influence on the quality of the paint door. When ordering, it must be considered whether the sample can be consistent with the actual delivery product. Non-professional producers do not have the processing capability. Most of them are outsourced and assembled. It is difficult to ensure that the delivery is consistent with the sample. It is difficult for the layman to see the inherent quality difference.

2. What are the differences between baking varnish and painting? The same point: the processing materials are similar; different points: the lacquered door leaf needs professional equipment, the product is more quality, the wear resistance and aging degree is higher than the painting door leaf, and the matte effect of the painting surface is not as good as the paint lacquer .

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