An effective management method for a print shop director

Managing consulting for companies all the year round, and gradually discovering an interesting fact: true management masters are often “hidden” in a corner of the enterprise. They may be just a supervisor or team leader, and they have no professional management training, but these "little people" have great wisdom. They can sum up and practice in practice to sum up a set of effective management methods.

Once, in a suburb of a remote town in the central province, I interviewed a small production plant of a company. Since more than 90% of the workers in the factory are neighboring farmers, they either don't understand the questions I asked, or they don't care, and the interviews are not going well – until I met a workshop director named Yue.

Director Yue is in his early 30s, and he is wearing a pair of glasses. He is the only college student in this factory. He has a clear idea and a head.

I learned that two years ago, he was the head of another workshop. At the time, there were many problems in this workshop. Not only did the accident occur in two days, but the quality of the products produced was always unsatisfactory. In less than two years, he has made this workshop management the best workshop in the company!

How did he do it?

What kind of leadership is a good leader?

Director Yue said: "I believe that the responsibility of the leadership is to solve the 'disorders', make rules, and train cadres."

I asked him, what did you do in the past two years?

Director Yue said: "In the first two months of this workshop, I was staying with the workers to solve technical problems. I often lived in the factory and never got off work. After 2 months, problems in production and technology. Basically solved. I began to set up the system, process and assessment regulations, and it took about a month to complete the normal operation of the workshop. Later, I was training the cadres (length section, team leader), let go Let them do it!"

Director Yue told me that he basically has no problem for half a day every day, and he is charged to study when he is empty - check industry information, technical dynamics, self-study enterprise management.

"As a good leader, when an accident occurs, you have to be there, dare to take responsibility and settle the problem; if the same problem occurs continuously, study it carefully and make rules and regulations, so that accidents are less and less; Then focus on cultivating cadres, there are more people to help you manage, and leadership is getting easier! So, the best leaders tend to work the most easily, and the worst leaders are often too busy."

It is said that now, not only is Director Yue realizing “liberation of work”, the following deputy directors and several section chiefs have already learned this management model. “They are also very relaxed now, they work normally every day and never work overtime.”

Who is a good cadre?

"I have three classifications for cadres: top-ranking cadres are dedication to find ways - in addition to hard work, you have to find a way to work, play subjective initiative, and achieve the goal on time and quality. Second-rate cadres, can strictly enforce, but will not find a way to solve the problem Third-rate cadres are just making excuses. Once they can't finish, I will give you a chance. If you can't finish it twice, you will be downgraded and severely warned. If you can't finish it three times, you will be transferred or laid off. I will definitely not use it!" Director Yue said.

How do you determine whether a cadre is first class or second class?

"Two parts: First, look at performance, we have performance appraisal every month, calculate the general ledger by the end of the year; second, look at the mass base, conduct a democratic appraisal at the end of each year, and all employees in the workshop will score the cadres. The first part is objective. The facts are not said; but the second part is subjective evaluation, I need to be careful." Director Yue explained.

"I used to work in government agencies. It is still necessary to democratically review this matter, because the mass foundation is crucial to the work of a cadre. But the results of the review can only be used as a reference, but not as an absolute basis for evaluation. In my opinion If a cadre's evaluation score is all excellent, at 90 points or above, it means that he has good old people's thoughts and is not suitable for being a manager; if the evaluation result is too bad, 70 points or less, it means that the comprehensive ability is poor, unpopular, and naturally cannot go on; The best candidate is in the middle, 70-90 points, this is the cadre I want to promote and cultivate!"

Assessment and assessment

"I am resolutely implementing the final elimination system. The team is competing and ranking every month. The specific method is: each of the same sections will have three teams, and the section will make a production plan for each team every day, and follow the task completion on the same day ( Including working hours, production, safe production, implementation of rules and regulations, etc., all scores are collected every month, and the three teams are ranked: the first prize, the second is not rewarded or penalized, and the third is fine."

According to Director Yue, after such mandatory rankings, the three teams rushed to compete and compete with each other, making each section progress continuously in terms of technological progress and production efficiency.

"All of our cadres implement a mandatory final elimination system, such as a team leader. If the statistics at the end of the year totals more than 6 times, the list is the last. Sorry, you must be laid off! The new team leader, elected by the team members, also encourages self-recommended; The original team leader was automatically reduced to an ordinary employee, but he can still reapply as a team leader according to the procedure - so that he can go up and down, rely on ability and performance to eat, so that most employees feel fair!"

Remember Drucker said: Management is an art of practice. It seems that this is not a fake! Since it is the art of practice, the real master of management can only appear in the real management scene - even a small production workshop!

With this understanding, in every consultation, I paid special attention to these high-level middle-level managers who have done a good job, and learned a lot. But I found that such people are rare, especially regrettable that they have not attracted enough attention from management scholars and entrepreneurs...

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