How many games have you played in the most popular toys of the 1980s?

Now that technology is developed, advanced electronic products can be described as ever-changing. When it comes to toys, many people may rush out of PSV, 3DS, iPad, etc., but in the 1980s when technology was not so developed, what toys were in Japanese children? The most popular among them? Recently, the most popular toy list in Japan in the 1980s was compiled online.
10th place: GameBoy

The ancestor-level handheld machine released in 1989 sold a total of 32.47 million units in Japan and sold 169.69 million units worldwide.
9th place: Final Fantasy
In 1987, the first series of the "Final Fantasy" series of Square, the magnificent world view attracted a lot of RPG enthusiasts, so far has been a number of sequels, across the major game consoles . The original version could not be found.
8th place: steel Pula model

The model toy, which was built on robots and ships, was born in July 1980 and has a history of 35 years. The toy series has sold 445 million worldwide.
7th place: Tetris

There is hardly any puzzle game that people don't know. The balance between difficulty and fun is good and young, and it supports the game of battle. It was very popular at the time.
6th place: Super Mario Bros.

The "Super Mario Bros." released in 1985 rolled up a craze, and even became a social phenomenon, causing countless topics, and its popularity even made the brand value of red and white machines rise.
Tied 6th: Pull back

The small car toy that was popular in the 1980s will automatically wind up when the body is pressed backwards, and will let go automatically. The annual sales volume is about 10 million.
No. 5: Dragon Quest

The first work of the "Dragon Quest" series launched in 1986, with the signature of Toriyama Akira as a person, has now become a national-level RPG, and the subsequent new works are known for their new systems and gameplay.
4th place: 舔舔 cat pictures

A small picture from 1980 to 1982, the pattern is a cute cat, like the picture of the driver's license on the picture, sold 12 million in a short time...
3rd place: Game&Watch

Nintendo's handheld LCD game consoles, pictures and games are very simple, but at the time it caused a wave of sales, global sales of 43.4 million, and later many foreign manufacturers imitate this game machine to improve their own products.
2nd place: red and white machine

The home machine that was released in 1983 has a wide variety of games, and the advantage of low price has attracted many people to purchase. The global sales volume is 62.91 million units.
1st place: Rubik's Cube

1980 was the most popular era of Rubik's Cube. It is said that one-fifth of the world's people are playing Rubik's Cube at the time. IdealToys has sold 350 million Rubik's cubes.
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