Bedroom large wardrobe standard size is how big wardrobe renderings

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] [Chinese wardrobe net ] There is a large wardrobe design in the bedroom as a place to place clothes, the role is also very important. However, there are many different types of large wardrobes. What is the standard size of the bedroom wardrobe? The Chinese wardrobe net below is analyzed by the large wardrobe renderings .

What is a big wardrobe?

The bedroom closet, which is based on the ordinary wardrobe, is upgraded in function and size, which makes the storage space larger. The so-called large wardrobe, that is, the wardrobe for the internal structure changes. It is a must-have wardrobe for modern homes. It is a fashionable and practical home essential home.

Bedroom large wardrobe size standard

Depth: Depth refers to the width of the side of the wardrobe. It is generally considered to be the most suitable for about 60cm, so the space is well laid out, and the hanging clothes are just right, not too deep or too shallow.

Large wardrobe size

Large wardrobe renderings

Bedroom large wardrobe is recommended to do sliding doors, and sliding doors generally recommend that the door panels should not be too wide, and the horizontal length suggests a door ah 80 or so, and then look good for a long time, then look at the size of the wardrobe, 3 doors or 2 doors Yes.

The height of the bedroom closet is generally recommended to be around 140cm, which is the height of the clothes rail, because the longest clothes are about 140cm. This height is roughly the length of a piece of clothing or trousers. If it is to be hanged separately, the height of the clothes is recommended to be 90cm and the trousers are 90cm, so the cabinet is not very tall or short.

The bedroom closet wardrobe is generally 2.44*1.22M. The design should not exceed the height of 2.4M. The interval is limited to 1.2M. It can be 60CM. The empty space for hanging clothes is preferably 1850 or less. The above is 550. The current sliding door can be 2.4. High, so you can not divide!! The clothes rail should have a 5cm space away from the board.

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