Looking at the Large Format Printer Market from the Follow-up Recessive Returns

As a large-format color output center that provides high-quality image output, color rendering output, exhibition design and application, geographic information system diagram output, large-format poster printing, outdoor billboard production, etc., only with excellent print quality and flexible operation , Low-cost, high-speed graphics, a variety of adjustable printing modes and two kinds of output devices for indoor and outdoor large-capacity ink supply methods, can be even more powerful, contact high-precision quality of the output business, continue to have from all walks of life Stable customer base.

Over the years, we have used and contacted many brands of large-format printers, including Anke’s NovaJet 850, Hewlett-Packard’s HP Designjet 5000 series large format printers, and EPSON STYLUS PRO. 10000. These products have brought unprecedented convenience to everyone, and their functional differences are different in terms of increasing subsequent follow-up returns. A colleague joked that picking a good device was like picking a virtuous and helpful person. He was not only a showman but also a Huizhong, smart and capable, good at managing money, and able to cut costs and increase income. Indeed, we also share the same deep feelings about this. It is really far from knowing the horsepower. It will take time to see its nature.

Look at the domestic large-format printing market competition The domestic large-format printer market is still in its infancy. The application in the CAD field is relatively mature, and the GIS and GA fields are becoming increasingly popular under the strong participation of some manufacturers. At present, its market share in large format printers in China exceeds 80%. If the market is divided according to technical fields (mainly including CAD, GIS) and graphic images (GA), the application of domestic large-format printers in the technical field currently accounts for about 90% of the total, and HP’s market share in this area is also It has accounted for about 90%, which is ingrained; HP's share in GA is also about 60%. Immediately following HP, it is ENCAD. This professional printing peripheral company in the United States, despite being not very large in size, has considerable strength. In 1998, it occupied 15% of the domestic large format printer market, ranking second Bit, but since 1999, EPSON and Canon and other companies began to enter the large-format printing market and the initial success, the only one currently unprepared is probably only Hewlett-Packard.

High-speed, smart printing reduces subsequent use costs

Prior to using HP's large-format printers, we had used Ankai's NovaJet 850 large 8-ink inkjet plotter, but due to its speed increase, a print head was added from the original one to two. There is no technical feature, so the speed is still not satisfactory.

This year, some of our peers highly recommend the hp designjet 5000 series large format printers. In order to ensure that we have a careful understanding of its technical background, the original hp designjet 5000 series uses HP's advanced JetExPress technology, each 25 mm wide print head There are up to 512 nozzles, allowing the printer to run with a 20 mm wide ink coverage for each pass. At the same time, the ink droplets are ejected at a frequency of up to 15,000 times per second, which ensures that the hp designjet 5000ps has an extremely fast print speed. It has built-in Adobe Postscript3 RIP, including a fast processor (PowerPC755@392MHz) with more memory (128MB or 192MB) and a larger hard disk (20GB), so that processing speed has been greatly improved, the fastest comparable to CP The series is 10 times faster. With the support of these data companies tried the hp designjet 5000 series. After a period of use, we found that although the hp designjet 5000 series was relatively expensive to buy, in the long run, its intelligent design can save manpower resources, and energy-saving design can greatly reduce follow-up consumables expenditures. Performance can flexibly meet customer needs, allowing us to quickly recoup funds and generate substantial profits.

Let’s talk about the high-return efficiency of HP’s wide-area printer’s most widely known high-speed printing. The hp designjet 5000 series features a production-grade print speed of up to 52.86 square meters per hour, a super large width of 152 cm, and a beautiful photo-like print quality. In addition, it also features an hp jetdirect network print server that is 4 times faster than ever before, enabling faster data transfer. Because it has already reached the production-level print speed, it caused us to be overwhelmed because of the slow printing speed. The phenomenon of losing some customers no longer occurs, and we have played in some new areas due to quick release and high quality. Market. Of course, there is also a reduction in manpower expenditure. It is not necessary to wait for the printer's slow work as usual as it used to. Recently, a friend had recommended to us that EPSON STYLUS PRO 10000 newly launched by Epson could achieve the fastest printing speed of 20 square meters per hour, and the resolution was very good. The colleagues were all tempted. After a detailed understanding of the results, they found out that this print of Epson. Speed ​​can only be achieved by inserting an accelerator card into the machine. This card can only handle RGB format, but all RIP manufacturers and the entire printing industry use the CMYK format, so this claim is three times faster than before. The printing speed is meaningless to our field, so we have increased trust in HP's hp designjet 5000 series products.

In addition, the hp designjet 5000 series print heads with smart chips use HP fault-tolerant printing technology, which not only guarantees print quality, but also lasts longer, and can generally print 1360CC to 2000CC inks, which reduces our cost of use. Its unique ink and print media usage monitoring capabilities help staff arrange print jobs scientifically, use media properly, and reduce costs.

HP's advanced thermal ink-jet printing technology makes the droplet size only 12pl, coupled with a unique halftone dithering algorithm, can very accurately control the amount of ink used in each map to minimize the amount of use per unit area. Reduced printing costs for us; the ink system of the hp designjet 5000PS is a modular ink system, which means that the entire system consists of ink cartridges, print heads, and cleaning tools. The ink cartridges or print heads can be replaced individually according to usage, and each color ink cartridge or print The head is also independent, not only provides the staff with great flexibility, but also reduces the cost of using the ink system, and can ensure that the print head in the best working condition; each color 680CC large capacity ink cartridges than similar The products are much larger, which not only meets the large workloads we routinely perform, but also rapidly reduces the ink cost.

Multiple solutions bring the return hp designjet 5000PS large format printers not only have standard parallel ports, but also equipped with the latest type of hp jetdirect network print server, can easily connect with a variety of hardware systems, through the network to accept the nature of the chain from HP The service is more direct and flexible.

Not long ago, the company adopted the just-released "HP-Jinhao" digital proofing solution, which is based on the industry standard Jin Hao Express RIP, with HP's large format color inkjet printer HP Designjet5000, plus Developed with precise color management technology. Jinhao large format digital proofing system output prototype looks exactly like the traditional proofing, its low cost, high speed, high output stability features can save us a lot of time and money. Jinhao large-format digital proofing system is also very good as a large-format inkjet system. The output of the inkjet color is accurate, bright colors and clear text.

The whole set of digital proofing system only needs 12-18 million yuan, which can meet the requirements for proofing of full-width printing format, eliminating the huge investment of hundreds of thousands to millions of traditional proofing (printer, printing version Machines, punching machines, punching machines, etc., and the company has only released 10 square meters of office space is enough to use, and this system has no roar of the machine is very suitable for office environment. It uses a large-format printer to directly output proofing digitally to replace the lengthy proofing process of traditional film making and printing. The program eliminates the influence of external factors such as human beings, greatly improving the stability of the proofing output, greatly shortens the proofing process, and at the same time, the proofing cost can be reduced by 60 yuan because the proofing work can be modified by digital means, thereby greatly reducing the proofing cost. Square meters, that is, two off printing proofing, while the traditional proofing proofing will cost 500 yuan to get 4 proofings, which can bring profits imaginable.

Easy Operation and High Performance Reduced Staff Expenses In use, we use the DTP&PS RIP software to operate in full light room without the need of a dark room. The software can be used for pre-print proofing, layout, and pre-print proofing. Completed at one time. Staff who do not need professional computer knowledge can also master the operation of this system, thereby eliminating the company's training costs for personnel. Because the operation is performed in the bright room, it is possible to output the sample or correct the color and quality on the screen at any time before the final product is produced, which naturally saves a lot of cost and time.

The aforementioned Jinhao large-format digital proofing system also has an unmatched output speed. Its output device uses the HP Design 5000, so its output speed is extremely fast, and outputting an off-color proofing is only needed. 5 minutes. Digital proofing does not require filming, printing, and printing, and can be directly printed out as electronic proofs. A 90-page A4 format color magazine requires only one worker to complete in 3 hours, significantly reducing the number of proofs. Labor costs.

Cost-saving high compatibility and flexibility Because the hp designjet 5000 series is equipped with a wealth of drivers, the software we use today and in the future can be easily compatible with it, and whether it is working on Windows, Macintosh or Unix, HP is There are corresponding drivers for use; HP's specially developed AutoCAD driver meets the diverse needs of our engineering customers. This kind of convenience makes us really become the master of the equipment, not because the defects of the equipment force the company to bear unnecessary expenses and personnel investment after purchase.

Not only that it is also compatible with other brands of media, any HP-certified media, HP will put the print color profile of this print media on the website (Design/JET Online) open to HP large-format printer users. We can download the print color profile of this media to the HP large format printer for the best output, so that we have more choices based on the capital, cost and required quality of each business. To select different brands of print media, instead of using Epson printers as before, due to the incompatibility of devices, it is necessary to use Epson's standard print media, which will lead to unnecessary waste of costs when doing low-margin business.

Similarly, HP's large format printers can also be compatible with other manufacturers' inks. The replacement of the ink heads is also very simple and easy, and unlike Epson, it is not possible to dismantle the ink heads on their own. Instead, they must be paid for by the manufacturers. The item saved our company a large amount of consumables and maintenance expenses.

The bright prospects of large-format printers seem to no longer be the Hewlett-Packard, thermal inkjet printing technology is being challenged from the micro-piezoelectric side, EPSON as a large-scale new force is indeed a blockbuster, must not be overlooked. Hewlett-Packard's unique world is being impacted by large-format print rookies from EPSON, Ankai, and Canon, but for now, HP’s leadership is still unbreakable. Hewlett-Packard, known as the "large-format printing market creator," has the richest product line that other vendors can not afford, including high-performance wide-format printing products. However, the world is by no means one of Hewlett-Packard's because it has been over 10 years. However, the application of domestic large-format printers is still in some difficult development period. Its annual sales volume is also more than 10,000 units, and its annual growth rate is only about 10% at present. The market is urgently needed for development, and this is not an HP effort. All that can be done is that only the participation of many manufacturers will promote this process more effectively. It takes a company to cultivate a market that is very tired and the market expects healthy competition. We expect to launch more products with outstanding features under the joint efforts of these manufacturers.