Three-sided book anti-adhesive stapler back folds

When cutting books with thin books, few pages, or thick books and many pages, the backs of the books are subject to pressure and wrinkles, and corners, broken pages, etc., are likely to occur near the head and feet, affecting books. Beautiful.

The inspection found that in most cases, the first issue of each script was the most serious, and the others basically had no problem. Consider replacing the first book with an article. First, remove the wooden plate of the three-sided knife presser near the back part of the book by 15 to 20 mm, and then use two steel plates (with moderate elasticity) or plasticized plastic strips, which are inserted in the position of the head and foot of the paper press near the back of the book. The length is not more than the back of the book, as shown in Figure 1. In this way, the head and foot of the book can be cut without breaking the corners and pages, and the back of the book will not be wrinkled due to excessive pressure.

(Weihai Daily Printing Factory Ren Yuangang)

Reprinted from: Printing Technology

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