High heat-resistant PLA biomaterials come out in Taiwan

The Taiwan Plastics Center has recently successfully developed high-heat-resistant PLA biomature composites and high-strength PLA biomature composites.

According to reports, the heat resistance of the PLA biomaterials can reach more than 100 °C, rigid comparable to nylon plus 30% glass fiber technology, biodegradable rate of more than 90%, has successfully transferred the technology to manufacturers, and use In the field of high added value such as electronics, information, and automotive materials, it will increase industrial competitiveness.

Taiwan Plastics Center's High Performance Materials Technology Group has been responsible for the Biomass Composite Materials Technology Project for more than five years and has successfully developed related key core technologies. The technology group will focus on high-value plastic green composite materials as its research and development strategy. Among them, the target for high-value products will be electronics, automobiles and medical supplies to meet environmental protection requirements and economic benefits.

Reprinted from: China Plastics Machinery Network Information Center

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