The latest research on anti-counterfeiting ink technology

The superiority and extensiveness of counterfeiting technology have put forward higher requirements for anti-counterfeiting technology, and anti-counterfeiting printing technology has already covered many scientific fields. For example, optics and colorimetry, spectroscopy, chemistry and physics, printing technology, electromagnetism, radio frequency technology, computer technology, pattern code technology, new materials technology, nanotechnology, etc., belong to an applied science where the edges intersect. Among them, printing technology and anti-counterfeiting ink technology occupy a very important position and have an irreplaceable role. This article focuses on the current application and development trend of security inks.

Photochromic ink

1. UV ink

UV inks include colorless (invisible) and colored (visible) fluorescent security inks.

2. Colorless fluorescent ink

It is colorless under sunlight, but shows a clear fluorescent color under ultraviolet light irradiation. There are four colors of red, green, yellow and blue, and the fluorescent effect is shown after irradiation with ultraviolet light or strong sunlight. This series of inks is colorless under normal light and shows color under direct sunlight of ultraviolet light or strong light, and fades after the light source is withdrawn.

3. Colored fluorescent ink

The color can be observed under daylight conditions, but clear fluorescent colors appear in various colors under ultraviolet irradiation. The series of inks are colored under normal light, and the color light source is evacuated from the back light under the direct light of ultraviolet light or strong sunlight. However, the underlying material using fluorescent inks cannot contain brighteners.

4. Standard fluorescent ink

1 A color is developed under the irradiation of long and short wavelength ultraviolet light, and the advanced anti-counterfeit fluorescent ink can display different colors under the irradiation of ultraviolet light of different wavelengths.

2 It responds only to short-wavelength (254 nm) UV light and does not react to long-wavelength "365 nm" UV light.

3 double reactions: Two different colors appear under long (365nm), short (254nm) UV irradiation. Suitable for UV and traditional lithography, flexo, gravure and screen printing.

5. UV/Infrared ink

This type of ink combines the characteristics of UV and IR inks to produce a bright, fluorescent green light with 984 nm wavelengths of infrared light and a selected color under UV light. Suitable for uZ and traditional lithography, flexo, gravure and screen printing. Provide a variety of different detection equipment: infrared detection pen 980nm laser pen or LED detector and UV detector. Primary Explosive Ink-Proof Inkjet Machine-readable Ink Labeling System Markless Product Identification System for UV and traditional lithographic, flexographic, gravure, and screen printing applications.

6. Infrared ink

The range of infrared inks is much narrower than UV inks. Bright fluorescent green appears under the irradiation of infrared light with a specific wavelength of "980 nm". Infrared oil can be a colorless material, but detecting an invisible ink during printing can be a problem. A small amount of brightener can be added to the ink for testing during the printing process. The infrared ink may also be a colored material. The color that appears when irradiated with infrared light depends on the color of the ink itself. Suitable for uv and traditional lithography, flexo, gravure and screen printing.

7. Optical color ink (0V1)

This series of inks is colorless under normal light and displayed under ultraviolet light or strong sunlight. The color light source fades after it is withdrawn. Beijing Banknote Printing Plant Zhongrong Ink Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Zhongrong Ink”) developed and developed the highest-end waterborne gravure gravure gravure printing ink and OVI technology for the printing ink industry in the world today. Fluorescence, infrared light conversion "magnetic, temperature change, light change, mirror color change" and other security inks.

Not only maintains the original light conversion effect of OVI, the printed product can be observed at different viewing angles under natural light or light, and the effect of color change can be observed through a special lens. The same pattern presents two completely different colors. At present, nearly 100 countries in the world use OVI to print banknotes. The results of the international criminal organization statistics show that all counterfeiters cannot imitate the OVI printing effect. With the improvement of the awareness of anti-counterfeiting inks such as OVI, the trend of printing certain high-end premium products is expanding. Suitable for water-based gravure printing and water-based screen printing.
8. Laser hologram identification combined with fluorescent encryption security ink

Its anti-counterfeiting function is mainly reflected in the complexity of the process. Shows special colored fluorescent images under UV light, featuring abrasion resistance, heat resistance, convenient detection, accuracy, and strong anti-counterfeiting. Laser holograms have been widely used in trademarks, corporate logos and other fields. China has now researched and developed a laser holographic identification secondary encryption integrated anti-counterfeiting technology.

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