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The passage of time, such as the passing of time, has entered the late autumn, and only six or seven days from Lidong, the island cities in the country seem to have been somewhat cold, the leaves of the branches have gradually turned yellow, and the temperature has also dropped significantly. Various warming items One after another, the love of consumers. Spa-related tourism routes and self-driving tour activities are on the rise. These activities can bring us “positive energy”.

Just thinking about the hot spring scene, my heart was warm. Hot spring water surrounds you, and the comfortable and elegantly chic rooms allow you to enjoy the delicious buffet, the large swimming pool, the living sauna, and the fun fish pool. How can you resist it? How can you not sigh, and there are more "Autumn and Winter Leisure Activities" than the hot springs? Obviously, more and more people fall in love with hot springs. The next question is: where to go?

It must be said that the people of the island city are happy because there are too many hot springs to choose from. There are local and foreign areas. There are seawater and fresh water. There are European and Japanese styles. There are also cheaper ones; on the other hand, the people of Daocheng City are also troubled. So many different hot springs with different characteristics are suitable for me?

In this regard, the upcoming "Peninsula Hot Spring Festival" may give you a little help. It is reported that during the event, the car tour "Travel Weekly" will in-depth visits to major hot springs in Shandong Province, inventory of hot springs around the characteristics and culture, and will also hold hot springs selection, hot springs self-driving tour, hot spring essay contest and other series of activities, in short Through the selection of water quality, environment, service, and hardware facilities, we will recommend the best hot springs in and around the island and let everyone pick the hot springs that suit them. (forward from)

Mooring Line:


This product is designed and manufactured in accordance with International standard ISO and National standard GB; The company is the main drafter of the National Standard.The Mooring Line include many style, including PE Mono Plaited Rope, PP Danline Plaited Rope, Nylon Plaited Rope, Combination Plaited Rope and UHMPE Plaited Rope etc.You can choose any style according to your requirement.


Applications of Mooring Line:

Transport ships and offshore platform towing, Super tankers, container ships, bulk carriers mooring, National defense military equipment, Aerospace, Marine vessels, Ocean engineering and platforms, Minng special power communications engineering, Heavy lifting, Rescue and lifesaving, Sports equipment and many areas to replace wire rope and synthetic rope.

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Mooring Line

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