Production principle of PP spunbond nonwoven fabric

In recent years, China's non-woven fabric processing industry has developed rapidly, the use of spunbond non-woven fabrics has become more and more widespread, and its demand has also shown a rapid growth trend.

1. General parameters:

Output: 1500 ~ 3000 t / a
Power consumption: 800 kw / t
Product ration: 10 ~ 230 g / m2
CV value: ≤5%
Aspect ratio: 1.5? 1 ~ 1? 1
Defects on the cloth surface: the cloth surface is in good condition, and there is basically no hanging wire or broken wire.

2. Equipment production process:

(1) The automatic suction device draws PP slices from the low-level silo to the high-level silo.
(2) PP raw material enters the main screw extruder together with the masterbatch, and the electric heating device zone outside the main screw heats and melts the chips.
(3) The melt is filtered by the filter and metered by the metering pump.
(4) The melt is ejected from the spinneret.
(5) Circulating cooling air draws the tow and sends the tow to the net curtain.
(6) Consolidate the laid fiber web.

3. Introduction to some components

(1) Low-level silo: 3-4m3 (capacity), made of stainless steel.
(2) Suction tube: inner diameter 40mm, with metal support frame on the inner wall.
(3) High silo: 0.6m3 (capacity), made of stainless steel.
(4) Automatic suction device: 220 ~ 400 kg / hr
(5) Addition amount of masterbatch: ≤10%
(6) Main screw:
Screw form: single screw form, automatically adjust the speed.
Heating form: five temperature zones, electric heating.
(7) Return screw:
Screw form: single screw form.
Heating form: five temperature zones, electric heating.
(8) Metering pump: Transmission: frequency conversion control.
Working ability: 150 ~ 250cc / r
(9) Spinneret:
Aperture: φ0.42mm
Hole density: 3910 holes / meter (10) Circulating cooling draft system:
Drawing fineness up to: 3dtex
The cooling temperature can be controlled, the air volume can be controlled, and the regulating valve controls the uniformity of the net.
(11) Rolling mill:
Heating form: heating oil heating.
Surface treatment: nitriding treatment.
Flower stick rolling pattern: straight pattern, cross pattern, dot pattern.

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