Development of the perfect design industry of waterproof testing machine


In recent years, with the development of electronics, chemical industry, home appliances, communications, chemical industry and other industries, more attention has been paid to product quality, and the waterproof testing machine industry has developed rapidly. Waterproof equipment is a combination test equipment that artificially simulates one or more harsh environments in the test room. It is an environmental test equipment that researches and develops new products and checks product quality and performance.
According to the environmental factors simulated by the test equipment, the environmental test equipment can be roughly divided into: climate environment equipment (including biological environment test equipment), mechanical environment test equipment, comprehensive environmental test equipment for waterproof test chambers and other environmental test equipment. Environmental testing equipment provides the necessary information and data for the research and development of modern high-tech products and the regular inspection and acceptance testing of products.
Before the 1980s, most of the waterproof testing machines used in China were imported from Western countries, and the price was relatively expensive. Nowadays, with the development of electronic technology, especially the development of control technology, from analog control to current digital control ; The display mode is from pointer to digital to the current touch screen display; the control accuracy is increased from 1 ℃ to 0.1 ℃ or even within 0.01 ℃; the volume of the equipment is from a small box to a room (room) of hundreds of cubic meters, China's environmental test equipment manufacturers have been able to produce equipment that meets the test requirements. Performance can be comparable to imported equipment, and the price is only about half of imported equipment.

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