Five misunderstandings of women's fitness


Fitness is a lifelong thing, and understanding the important training and eating rules at the outset is a must. The next five misunderstandings will take you to learn more about how to get a good body.

Myth 1: Over-reliance on aerobic exercise

Most women have a very wrong view that aerobic exercise makes people thinner and strength training makes people stronger. In fact, this concept is simply not right. Girls like to have less fat. In order to reduce fat and shape at the same time, you must add more strength training outside of aerobic training.

If your muscle weight to weight ratio increases, your metabolic rate will increase a lot. This means that even when you sleep, you burn more calories than before.

Recommendation: Always change the aerobic way, such as cycling, running, skipping, swimming, etc.

Myth 2: Insufficient calories

"If you exercise more and eat less, then the rate of weight loss will increase." This sounds very common sense, but this method can only see some effects in a short period of time, and then it is all right. Physical damage. It's like cars need gasoline to operate, and people need heat to maintain their daily activities.

Many girls choose a diet, but a lot of scientific experiments prove that if you eat less than 800 calories a day , your health is threatened.

Recommendation: Increase your exercise on a healthy diet.


Misunderstanding 3: Repeat the same training

Repeating the same exercise every day can be boring, fatigued, and soon you will find that your body has stopped changing. In addition to the endurance muscles of the abdominal muscles and calves, each muscle of the human body requires 72 hours of recovery time after high-intensity strength training . The slogan "No deep squats, no hips" can't be interpreted as deep and deep, and the hips will come faster.

Recommendation: Don't always train indoors, outdoor activities can make your body reach a better state.

Misunderstanding 4: Not enough for yourself

Most people are easy to relax and even give up in the pursuit of their goals, especially some pampered girls. Walking into the gym, a small dumbbell weighing 5kg can't be called training. You have to give it pressure to get the body to change. Because of the high intensity of training, it can help the body burn more calories and reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.

Recommendation: Buy a heartbeat monitoring wearer and you'll know how fast your body burns calories. Don't easily believe that the testing equipment on the treadmill in the gym is usually not allowed.

Misunderstanding 5: Set unrealistic goals for yourself

To quantify and quantify your goals, don't want to become a world-class model in a short time.

For example, if you want to lose 5kg in a month, you can set a weight of 2 to 5kg in one month to strengthen your body and reduce body fat. This way you give yourself some benchmarks other than your weight to compare. And one thing, women like to compare with the success stories around, but your friend can subtract 7kg a month . It doesn't mean you can do the same thing, because your previous preparations or your physique are different.

Suggestion: Don't compare your goals with others and implement your plan day by day. If you have not achieved your goals, please don't be discouraged, please stick to it.


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