Adjustable transparent film three-dimensional packaging machine (with anti-counterfeiting cable)

Equipment use:
The machine is widely applicable to single-piece automatic packaging of various box-type articles in medicines, health products, foods, cosmetics, stationery products, audio-visual products and other industries. Such as packaged drugs, poker, packets of cigarettes, boxed VCD, tape, boxed napkins and other wrapping.
Performance characteristics:
This machine is based on the absorption and digestion of foreign equipment and has been carefully designed and transformed. The imported digital inverter and electrical components are featured with stable and reliable operation, firm sealing, and good appearance. The articles can be automatically wrapped, fed, folded, heat-sealed, packaged, counted, and automatically affixed with anti-counterfeiting cable. The packaging speed can be steplessly regulated, and the replacement of folding board and a small number of parts can be used to pack different types of packaging (size, height, width and width).
The main parameters:
Packaging material: OPP BOPP film, hot-adhesive glass paper and anti-counterfeit gold wire packaging speed 25 to 120 bags/minute Power supply: 200V 50Hz
Motor power: 0.75 kw Electric power: 3.7 kw
Total weight: 600kg Overall dimensions: Length 2700mm × width 800mm × height 1600mm

Note: The easy-pull cable on the packaging film can be printed with various colors of the corporate logo or name, and can be equipped with anti-forgery laser, phosphorescence (fluorescence appears under ultraviolet light irradiation), is one of the best anti-counterfeiting methods, extremely adapted to High-end branded product packaging. Items packaged with this device are easy to pull and are easy to unpack.

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