Offset high-resolution disc trademark

Offset printing uses ink rollers and printing stations to convert images. This method is widely used in traditional commercial printing and is now also used for the printing of optical disc labels. Offset printing can achieve higher quality resolution when performing image reprints. It is superior to screen printing where it can print enhanced four-color images and other complex graphics.

After printing, the disc is either automatically or manually packaged. Although there are many other packaging methods that are currently available and in use, plastic boxes are still the most commonly used and most common packaging method for CD-ROMs. This is due to the ruggedness of the plastic box and the fact that the fully automated production line is very popular.

Other commonly used packaging methods (some of which may require manual operations) include: (1) lightweight packaging such as Tyvek and cardboard sleeves; (2) transparent plastic sleeves such as ViewPaks; (3) boxes of environmentally friendly cardboard textures Ecopaks such as Digipaks. After these five steps, the CD-ROM copy is completed. However, in the production process, every aspect of production should have strict control over quality in order to ensure compliance with industrial production specifications. This will ensure that all discs are within acceptable tolerances, that is, within the limits of all CD-ROM drives.

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